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Kaka earns about thirteen million dollars per year with his current contract with Real Madrid. He is a very talented soccer player and earns every penny that he gets paid.

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6 million euros a year

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Q: How much money does Kaka make per year with his current contract with Real Madrid?
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When did real Madrid buy kaka?

Kaka joint Real Madrid in 2008.

Why did kaka leave ac Milan?

B/c he wanted to play in real madrid and his contract was over anyways.

What number is Kaka' for Real Madrid?

Kaka has a new jersey at Real Madrid with the number being 8.

Is kaka staying at real Madrid?

Yes, Kaka will be at Real Madrid for the next couple of seasons.

Why Kaka Has not Gone in Real Madrid?

Yes kaka has joint Real Madrid from A.c. Milan.

Which club did Real Madrid sign Kaka from?

Kaka joined Real Madrid from the Italian club A.C.Milan.

Is kaka going to real Madrid?

It is Real Madrid.

Does kaka left ac milan and went to real Madrid?

yes it has been confirmed that kaka and Cristiano ronaldo are officialy on real Madrid.

What did Kaka do?

He accepted the transfer to Real Madrid.

Which team play kaka?

real Madrid

What team kaka play for?

Real Madrid

Is kaka going to leave real Madrid?

No he is not leaving Real Madrid soon.