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Didier drogba

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Q: Who does the best knee slide celebration in soccer?
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Long knee slide FIFA?

RT AND LS todo a knee slide

What is the most common knee injury?

That sport would have to be soccer. all you use in soccer is your knee and its been proven that its most common in soccer players.

What are the injuries in sport?

sprained angle, knee, pulled hamstring, bleeding Most likely is that soccer players will get knee problems... i have a knee problem from soccer since i was nine.

How do you dig a ball in volleyball?

you slide on your knee pads

Are knee high socks cool?

sure if your a soccer fairy

What are knee sliders?

A peice of plastic (or metal) that is attached by velcro to the knee of leathers (usually racing leathers) so that riders can slide their knee along the ground, called "knee-down"

What are those soccer socks called?

knee socks. the long socks are allegedly where the name "soccer" comes from.

What protects the knee?

In soccer, shin guards protect your knee. In volleyball, knee pads protect your knee. In basketball, your kind of on your own for protecting the knee. In softball, long socks might help you out, but not entirely.

What is the world record for bouncing a soccer ball on your knee?

10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times

What exercises can I do for knee pain?

Some of the exercises that can be useful in helping knee pain include the chair knee extension and the heel slide knee extension. It is important to see a doctor before beginning an exercise program.

What is the dress code for a class reunion dinner celebration at a restaurant?

a dress below the knee or a suit and tie.

What harms can be caused by playing soccer?

Whileplaying soccer it is possible to get injured in the knee or at the ankles, some footballers have had their careers ended because of this.

What happens when you get kicked in the knee in a soccer game?

Most people will take a dive and milk a penalty. It's soccer, it's expected.

What are things used in a soccer game?

cleets, shin guards, knee high socks, jerseys. shorts, and of course, a soccer ball.

What are the best knee supports to buy for a knee injury?

The best knee supports to buy for a knee injury would depend on the type of injury. However, the best brand generally is Donjoy. Bort is also good for arthritis.

What can one purchase from the Pugg website?

One can purchase various types of soccer equipment from the Pugg website. One can purchase anything from soccer balls, to knee pads, and soccer goals.

What necessary equimpment is needed to play soccer?

If you want to play soccer you will need the basic stuff, such as: shinpad, spikes, high knee socks, short pants, and obviously a soccer ball

A soccer player got kicked on the front of the leg below the knee The knee began to swell get hot and painful what has happened?

i think you need to study for it then have people answer your questions

How do you play soccer Leo's way?

With your feet and chest and knee and head and hands if you are a goalie. If you dont know how to juke you are dum. So come on you no how to play soccer.

What is the best knee joint pain cream out there?

The very best knee joint pain cream out there is called Topricin. This is a cream that you rub into the knee area to relieve pain. The best way to learn and purchase this cream is at

What is the best knee brace for painful knees?


What is a sliding pad in softball?

It's something that goes on or below the knee on the leg that you bend when you slide into home plate.

Why do you have to wear knee pads?

Say you are going for a ball and you have to slide for it ,you would have to land on your knees there for you need something to protect them.

Who is the best Arthroscopic Knee Surgery, ACL Treatment in Melbourne?

Get arthroscopic knee surgery and ACL treatment by one of the best knee surgeons in Melbourne. Book Your Appointment Today! 03 94284128

What materials are used for playing soccer?

Things which are required are Knee pad Gloves (for goal keeper) Spike shoes A proper soccer ball These are the main things Jersey