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The Cavs may pick Andrew Wiggins as their first round pick.

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Q: Who do you think the cavs are going to get with their first round pick?
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Who played the cavs in the first round of the playoffs?

In 2009, the Cleveland Cavaliers Played the Dretroit Pistions in the first round the sweeped the series 4-0.

Who drafted LeBron James?

Clevland, Cavs did he was first round 1st pick in the '03 draft pick.

Will the cavs win the championship?

In the latest 2009-2010 season, the Cavs lost to the Boston Celtics in the 2nd round of the playoffs. Last year they also lost to the Orland Magic in the 2nd round. Hopefully next season, if LeBron is still with the Cavs, they will grab the championship trophy.

When did the cavs draft LeBron James?

2003 Round 1 Pick 1

Who gets first five picks in 2011 nba draft?

Cavs, timberwolves, jazz, cavs, raptors

Who is going to win the 2010 nba finals?

cavs,celtics or lakers

Who going to win the 2010 NBA finals?

cavs,celtics or lakers

Who did the suns trade rondo for?

The Celtics recieved Rajon Rondo and Brian Grant from the Suns for a future first round pick that the Celtics recieved from the Cavs in a trade for Jiri Welsch.

Who is going to win game 4 warriors or cavs?

Golden State Warriors inshallah

How far do you think the Cleveland cavs can go in the playoffs?

They will win it all in 2010

What is the schedule of 2010 NBA Finals?

First Round the magics vs the bobcats , lakers vs the thuder ,cavs vs the bulls , jazz vs the nuggets ,cetics vs the heat , the bucks vs the hawks,spurs vs the mavs , suns vs the trailblazers.Second Round magics vs the hawks, cavs vs the cetics , spurs vs suns . jazz vs the lakers,

Who is kyrie irving from duke university?

A beast who was drafted 1st round 1st pick in the NBA draft to the Cleveland Cavs.

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