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Q: Who discover Pakistan team?
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When did natural gas discover in Pakistan and where?

Natural gas discovered in SUI (Pakistan)

What is the football team of Pakistan?

I guess there is no international football team of Pakistan.

Who is the captain of Pakistan hockey team?

Mohammad Imran is the captain of Pakistan Hockey Team.

Who is the best player in cricket in pakistan team in batting?


Who is new coach of Pakistan cricket team?

Waqar Younis is new coach of Pakistan cricket team. Mohsin Hassan Khan is the new coach of Pakistan cricket team

What is relation between pepsi and Pakistan cricket board?

They may sponsor the Pakistan cricket team. PEPSI is supponring Pakistan cricket team.

Where in the state of Pakistan is the Pakistan cricket team staduim?

In Pakistan at these states stadium are located:KarachiMultanSheikhupuraLahoreRawalpindiFaisalabadPeshwar

Who is the captain of Pakistan cricket team?

Sarfraz Ahmed is the current cricket team captain of Pakistan as of 2017.

Who was the youngest captain for Pakistan cricket team?

Salman Butt is the youngest captain for the Pakistan cricket team.

Who is the current captain of Pakistan hockey team?

Zeeshan Ashraf iscurrent captain of Pakistan hockey team^^

Who is the Pakistan circket team little master?

Imran Nazir is the little master of Pakistan Cricket team

What is the average age of the Pakistan cricket team?

25-35 is average age of the Pakistan cricket team.

What team is the best team of all time?


Who is the best team Pakistan or India?

Pakistan but they are always attacked by scam

What is the present Pakistan cricket team?

The present Pakistan cricket team is nicknamed Green Shirts and is ranked four.

Who was the first captain of Pakistan cricket team in 1947?

Pakistan Cricket team establish from 1952 and Abdul Hafeez Kardar was the captain of Pakistan cricket at that time.

Does Pakistan have a football team?


Is there a Lacrosse team or league in Pakistan?


Who Pakistan cricket team challenger?

India Cricket Team

Who is the coach of Indian and Pakistan cricket team?

India cricket team coach - Duncan Fletcher Pakistan cricket team - Mohsin Hassan Khan

If you were captain of Pakistan team?

If i am a captain of Pakistan cricket team. I would say just one line. Perform and play.

Which team were cricket world championships in 1992?

Pakistan -Imran Khan The Captain of 1992 WC Pakistan Cricket Team.

Who attacked Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore Pakistan?

Pakistan enemy.

What did Rakhal das banerji discover?

mahenjodaro site in present day Pakistan

Who was the captain of Pakistan team world cup 2010?

shahid afridi the captain of pakistan crickrt team in world cup of 2010 .