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Pakistan Cricket team establish from 1952 and Abdul Hafeez Kardar was the captain of Pakistan cricket at that time.

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2011-07-31 05:06:56
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Q: Who was the first captain of Pakistan cricket team in 1947?
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When Pakistan started first radio transmission?

pakistan stared first in time 1947

Which country recognize Pakistan first?

Iran is the first country who recognize Pakistan as a contry in 1947-48.

Who has played Cricket for both India and Pakistan?

Three players have played the Test Cricket for both the countries- Amir Elahi (India:1947, Pakistan:1952-1953), Gul Mohammad (India:1946-1955, Pakistan:1956) and Abdul Hafeez Kardar (India:1946-1948, Pakistan:1948-1958).

When was the war between Pakistan and India?

Pakistan and India have fought four wars. The first in 1947, then 1965, 1971, and 1999. The war in 1947 is referred to as the First Kashmir War.

When was Pakistan first settled?

The history of the region constituting modern Pakistan starts by its independence in 1947,

1st pm of pakistan?

Liaquat Ali Khan was the first Prime Minister of Pakistan (1947)

When first national assembly of Pakistan came into being?

in 1947

When was the first history of Pakistan?

On a technical basis, the nation of Pakistan began in 1947. The country was created by the British. The entire Indian subcontinent was a colony of Great Britain. In 1947, Britain created Pakistan out of India. So the history of Pakistan dates from 1947 onwards.

Why did Pakistan fight against India in 1947?

There is no evidence, that Pakistan had a war with India in 1947. The first was between these two countries took place in 1948.

What are important events of Pakistan from 1947 till 2008?


Where was the Pakistan Air Force first established?

The Pakistan Air Force was first established in 1947, following the independence of Pakistan. The British Colonial Government established the Pakistan Air Force.

Who Was The First Education Minister Of Pakistan In 1947?

Fazal ul Rahman

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