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Q: Who did Wayne Rooney support as a child?
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What are Wayne Rooney's child called?

Kai rooney

Who is Wayne Rooney's family?

Wayne Rooney has two brothers and a wife and child staying .

Does Wayne Rooney have child?

Yes his name is Kai Rooney.

What is Wayne rooneys child called?

Kai Wayne Rooney

What inpired Wayne Rooney to start football?

Wayne Rooney's favourite player as a child was Duncan Ferguson

Does Wayne Rooney support Celtic?

yes he does

Is Wayne Rooney an only child in his family?

No he is not,

What did Wayne Rooney want to be when he was a child?


Who is Wayne Rooney's mother?

Wayne Rooney's mother is Jeanette Rooney.

Wayne Rooney have a boy or girl?

The Rooneys are expecting their first child soon.

What is Wayne Rooney's dad called?

Thomas Wayne Rooney.

What is Kai Wayne Rooney?

It is the name of Wayne Rooney's son.