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one of them was michelle kwan

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Q: Who did Tara Lipinski skate with when she won her gold metal?
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What accomplishments is tara Lipinski most famous for?

figure skating gold in 1998.

How old was Tara Lipinski when she became the youngest Gold Medal winner spell out?

Tara was 14 whe she won gold at the Olympic Games T

What is Tara Lipinski most noted for?

Tara Kristen Lipinski became famous for winning a gold for skating in the olympics, which she held the record for most of her life. She is from Pennsylvania and was born June 10th 1982.

Why did Tara Lipinski quit skating?

Tara Lipinski is a professional figure skater. She won an Olympic gold medal in 1998 at the age of 15, becoming the youngest Olympic gold medalist in ladies' figure skating in an individual event.

How old was Tara Lipinski when she won the Olympic gold medal?

Tara Lipinski was 15 years old when she won a gold medal for Ladies' Figure Skating at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. She became the youngest Olympic gold medalist in ladies' figure skating in an individual event.

Who is the youngest athlete to win a gold medal at the Winter Games?

Tara Lipinski at 15 years of age.

Who won the most gold metals in the winter Olympics?

Tara Lipinski In The Womans Figure Skating And The Ladies Hockey Team Won Gold In 1998

Youngest Olympic figure skating gold medalist?

Tara Lipinski was the youngest figure skating gold medalist. She won it when she was 15 years old in the 1998 Olympics.

12 years ago today 15 year old Tara Lipinski won gold in what Winter Olympics event?

Figure Skating.

How many Olympics has Tara Lipinski been in?

1, the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano where she won gold in ladies singles figure skating.

Who was the youngest figure skater to win the Olympic Gold Medal in the 1990s?

Maxi Herber of Germany. Maxi was 15 years, 127 days old when she won the mixed pairs competition, with partner Ernst Baier, at the 1936 Winter Games in Berlin. Tara Lipinski of the United States is the youngest female to win an individual skating gold medal when she won the 2002 Winter Games ladies singles competition at 15 years, 255 days. That beat the mark set by Sonja Henie of Norway in the 1928 Winter Games in St. Moritz by 68 days.

Who won ladies figure skating at 1998 winter Olympics?

Tara Lipinski. She is still the youngest woman ever to have won the Olympic gold medal in figure skating, at age fifteen.