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Sonny Liston

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Q: Who did Muhammad Ali defeat to win his first heavyweight championship?
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How did Muhammad Ali make History?

He made history by becoming the first man to win the heavyweight championship of the world 3 times.

What was the year Muhammad ali won his first heavyweight championship?

February 25, 1964 when he stopped Sonny Liston in 7 rounds.

Who was the first world heavyweight championship?

Triple H

Who defeated George Foreman in the heavyweight boxin championship bout 1974?

Muhammad Ali defeated Foreman by 8th round ko in Kinshasha, Zaire (Congo) in '74. It was the first pro defeat for Big George and the second World Title for Ali.

When did Muhammad ali get his first title?

February 25, 1964, Clay (as he was still known then) defeated Charles "Sonny" Liston for the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world.

What year did edge win his first world heavyweight championship?

Edge won his irst world heavyweight championship in 2007 defeating batista.

Who was the first great heavyweight boxing champion?

It was Muhammad Ali! or who

Who was the first heavyweight championship of the world?

i think it was triple h

Is Muhammad ali the first black boxer to win the heavyweight championship of the world?

Jack Johnson won the title in 1915, some 50 years before Ali

Who was the first Light Heavyweight Champion to win the Heavyweight title?

Michael Spinks in 1985 when he beat Larry Holmes. Bob Fitzsimmons won the heavyweight title first, then the light heavyweight championship.

When did Batista win the WWE World Heavyweight championship for the first time?

Batista won the WWE World Heavyweight championship for the first time at WrestleMania 21 by defeating Triple H.

How old was Muhammad Ali when he won his first heavyweight title?


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