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Depends on the fight, championship.

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Q: How much a pro boxer get each fight?
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How often can a boxer fight?

Pro Boxers fight from 2 to 4 times a year.

What requirements are there to enter pro boxing fight?

i want to be a pro boxer all my life, im 15 i would love to show you how i box and show you im for it

How many times did boxer denis inkin lose in his first 20 pro fights?

0 times

How much money does a pro boxer make?

iheard Floyd mayweather makes 25mill :-)

Can you be pro boxer at 25?


Can a pro boxer bet on himself?

No! Can you

How much does a middleweight boxer earn per fight and is there a bonus for turning pro?

Before you turn pro you will generally be on no wage unless you are in your countries squad. James Degale (2008 light heavyweight olympic gold medallist) was offered a reported £90,000 a year to stay amatuer.

Who was the boxer who fought for the heavyweight title in his first pro fight and lost?

olympic gold medalist pete rademacher, when he fought Floyd Patterson in 1957.

Was Muhammad Ali a Writer?

Pro boxer

What are the requirements for a pro skateboarder?

kick boxer

When did pro boxer Joe Maye fight at Madison Square Garden during the 1070's?

Joe Maye, wasn't alive during that 1070's.

How much does a pro boxer make a fight?

Its not a set amout its % of PPV revanue and tickit revanue so if 300 people show up to your fight and tickets cost $20 and the set % (discussed with the promoter) is 30% then you will make $2,100 and if you get a PPV fight that gets (an average) of 100,000 buys for (an average) of $35 and the % is %30 then you will get 1,000,000

Who is the professional boxer that threw two punches at once?

Better yet, who was that pro boxer that was into the Donkey Punch?

Annuel income for a boxer?

Pro...50,000 year

Who is the Mexican PGA pro that was a boxer?

Carlos Montana

What is candys dream in Of Mice and Men?

be a pro boxer.

How did Mohamed Ali become famous?

pro boxer

Is 50cent going to help Floyd mayweather fight big show?

no 50cent is only a rapper who is not in the WWE(orWWF(oldie) and mayweather is a pro boxer no 50cent will not help my friend .

Which NFL players later became pro boxers?

Charlie Powell was an NFL player who became a pro boxer. Charlie was a high ranking heavyweight boxer who fought Mohammad Ali.

Is 15 to old to practice to become a pro boxer?

no. the youngest to become a pro was around 12-13

How much does a pro hunter make?

A pro hunter doesnt have an exact amount of money each hunt. Pro hunters earn from what type of animal and how much it weights.

Who is muhhamed Ali?

muhamed ali is a pro boxer the fought against frazier and he pretty much die look it up in your moms but

Who was the heaviest pro boxer ever?

Butterbean is the biggest ever!

Who was America's youngest Pro Boxer for 2010?

dusty harrison

How long will you have to train to become a pro boxer?

aproximently about 2 years to get to ameture boxing then you need to work you self up and maby go to the ollypics then evetually youll be able to go for a pro boxer

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