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Antoine Walker

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Q: Who did Donovan mcnabb play with in high school football and basketball?
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Where did Donovan McNabb play high school football?

Donovan Mcnabb played for Mt. Carmel high school GO N.Y GIANTS!! :)

Where did donovan mcnabb attend high school?

Donovan Mcnabb attended Mount Carmel high school in Chicago, Illinois

What grade school did Donovan McNabb go to?

Donovan McNabb was drafted in 1999 out of the University of Syracuse. Prior to college he attended Mount Carmel High School in Illinois.

Where was Donovan mcnabb high school?

Mt. Carmel High School in Chicago.

When did donovan mcnabb graduate from high school?

He graduated in 1994 from Mt.Carmel High School, Mt. Carmel, IL.

What high school has the most all time football players in the nfl all time?

Arlington High School in Riverside California. Ray Lewis, Brian Dawkins, Terrell Owens and Donovan Mcnabb all went here at one time. In 1990, Mcnabb was a freshman, Ray Lewis was a sophmore and Dawkins and Owens were both Seniors.

What sports does he play in school?

Who is "he?" "He" could play basketball, football, soccer, or other sport that the school or organization. Who is "he?" "He" could play basketball, football, soccer, or any other sport that the school or organization.

Can a ncaa school be in two different conferences in football and basketball?

Yes, Notre Dame is independent in football but plays basketball in the big east.

What sports did Joe Montana do in high school?

Baseball, Basketball, Football.

What is the most played high school sport in the us?

basketball and football

What sport did lil Wayne play in high school?

football basketball

What is a pouplar sport at school?

usually a popular sport at school is soccer , football, basketball, and volleyball

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