What is the most played high school sport in the us?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Basketball and football

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Q: What is the most played high school sport in the us?
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What is the Most popular sport played in high school?

the answer would be baketball and football

What is the US's most popular sport?

The most played sport in the US is basketball, without a doubt. Basketball is the most played sport, though. Kids play basketball as the main sport in elementary school and in middle school, as well as high school. In certain areas of the country, some sports might be played more than others. For the entire United States basketball remains number one as the most played sports.

What is the most popular high school sport?


What is idaho's most popular high school sport?


What is the most popular sport in US high school?


What does Kevin Jonas like the most poll vault soccerfootball?

kevin's most favorite sport is poll vaulting. he played it during his high school years.

What is barack obama's favorite sport to watch?

I would guess that he likes most to watch basketball. He played it in high school and still plays .

Which sport was the most popular sport in the 1970's?

you know i learned this when i was in high school. i used to ask this question a lot. the most popular sport was soccer! back then!

How many people play high school football in the US?

There are around 1,088,158 high school students that play football in the United States. This makes it the most popular high school sport.

What is Chile's most second played sport?

Soccer is Chiles most played sport, but tennis is Chiles second most played sport

Number 1 high school sport?

The number 1 high school sport is by far football!!!! Every on is always talking about it and at my school football games are the most crowded out of any other sports, so...... its pretty obvious that football is the most popular sport.-The response here actually depends on the country you live in. High Schools sports in the USA normaly have football as their main sport, in the UK highschools have Soccer followed by Rugby