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Sonny Liston on February 25, 1964.

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Q: Who did Cassius Clay defeat to win his first world title?
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First boxer to win the world heavy weight championship title three times?

Mohammad Ali or Cassius Clay was the first boxer ever to win the world heavyweight title thrice.

When did Cassius Clay change his name to Mohamed Ali?

1964, shortly after winning the world title for the first time.

Who did Muhammad ali beat to regain his title?

George Foreman and Leon Spinks. He also beat Sonny Liston but he was known as Cassius Clay at that time. Also, he did not REGAIN the title at that time; that was his first pro world heavyweight championship.

How old was boxer Cassius Clay when he first became Heavyweight Champion of the World?

He was 22

What title did sting first win?

NWA World title

Why did Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali?

Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali (at the behest of Elijah Muhammad) in 1964, after he won the world title, and a year after he converted to Islam.

Who did viswanathan anand defeat in 2012 to retain the world chess champion title?

Boris Gelfand of Israel

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What was the first computer to defeat a world chess player?

"Deep Blue" .

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Russian front

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Who did the Marlins beat to win their first World Series title?

The Florida Marlins beat the Cleveland Indians in their first World Series title. This victory was accomplished in 1997.

Who did Muhammed Ali beat to regain the world title for the first time?

George Foreman is who Muhammed Ali defeated to regain the World Heavyweight Title,the first time.

What year did WWE Triple H win his first title?

Triple H won his first title in october of 1996 when he won the intercontinental championship, he won his first world title in august 1999 when he won the wwe title

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The first Indian to win the Miss World title was Reita Faria in 1966.

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The first brit to win a world title @ heavyweight was Bob Fitzsimmons.

Who is the first miss world?

Kiki Hakansson was the first Miss World. She is from the country of Sweden. She won the Miss World title in 1951.

Who is Cassius Clay?

Cassius clay is a boxing legend. He changed his name to Muhammad Ali soon after he became world champion.

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IN 2002

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Who did Muhammad ali fight for his first world title?

Sonny Liston

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