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In the 1978 world cup final Argentina played Holland, the match ended in a win for Argentina.

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2011-06-30 16:06:17
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Q: Who did Argentina play in the world cup final 1978?
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Who did Argentina play against in the 1978 world cup finals?


Who did Uruguay play in the very first world cup final?


Who won the Fair Play Award in Football World Cup 1978?


Did Maradona play in both teams when Argentina win the world cup?

Maradona did not play in 1978 FIFA world cup . He was the captain of Argentina in 1986 FIFA World Cup.

When will Nigeria play Brazil in olympic football match final?

they will play Argentina since Argentina already destroyed Brazil 3-0

What world cup team does messi play for?


What year did the Netherlands play in a world cup?

Netherlands first participation was in 1934. The qualified in the following years - 1934, 38, 74, 78, 90, 94, 98, 2006, 2010. Total appearance including 2010 world cup is 9. The made it to world cup finals in 1974 (lost to Germany) and 1978 (lost to Argentina). The made the 2010 world cup final, the final has not been played yet at the writing of this answer.

Is Argentina play 2010 World Cup?

The qualification for the 2010 FIFA World Cup is still in progress. But it is likely that Argentina will qualify.

Who did Uruguay play in the world cup finals in 1930?

It was with Argentina.

Who won the world cup but did not play in the final?

The Brazilian Pele , who was injured and could not play the final.

When will Brazil vs Argentina?

Brazil will play Argentina in the south American world cup qualifiers to be held in Argentina on the 5/9/2009.

Why were Argentina controvesial winners of the world cup in 1986?

Argentina's win over West Germany in the 1986 FIFA World Cup final match was not controversial in its own sense. It was the way Argentina reached the final match that sparked controversy, specifically their 2-1 victory over England in the semi-finals.On 22 June 1986, Argentina faced England for the right to play in the final match of the FIFA World Cup. In the 51st minute, Argentina scored the first goal by Diego Maradona with his hand. Dubbed the Hand of God goal, Maradona's handball score went unnoticed by match officials and the goal stood, which infuriated English supporters. Following the goal, Argentina continued on to win 2-1 over England to qualify for the final match.

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