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they will play Argentina since Argentina already destroyed Brazil 3-0

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Q: When will Nigeria play Brazil in olympic football match final?
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Which teams participated in the 1996 Olympic football final?

The men's 1996 Olympic football final was contested between Nigeria and Argentina. Nigeria won the match 3 - 2, at the Sanford Stadium, in front of 86117 spectators.The gold medal in the women's competition was won by the United States, who beat the People's Republic of China 1 - 2 in the final, in front of 76489 spectators, once again at the Sanford Stadium.

How many times has Brazil played in the final of the World Cup football final?


What was the score of the soccer Olympic final of 2008?

argentina 1 nigeria 0. I was really mad about that match.

Which two football teams played in the 1962 world cup final?

Brazil and Czechoslovakia. Brazil won 3-1.

What is the biggest defeat for Brazil in football history?

Germany 7, Brazil 1 (at Belo Horizonte, Brazil) in Semi Final, FIFA World Cup 2014

How many times have Brazil played in the final of the world cup football tournament?

the answer is 7

Which team score most goals in wc football final so far?


Who won the football world cup in 1962?

Brazil, beating Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the final.

Which team won the football worldcup in 1970?

Brazil beat Italy 4-1 in the final.

How many times has Brazil qualified for the football world cup final?

Brazil have qualified for each world cup since 1930 . a total of 18 times.

Which country won the football world cup at 2002?

Brazil as they beat Germany 2-0 in the final.

Who is the tenant of Beijing National Stadium?

The tenant of Beijing National Stadium is 2008 Olympic men's football tournament final.

Score between France and Brazil in the football world cup in 1998?

France defeated Brazil, 3 - 0 in the Gold Medal final, in the 1998 World Cup.

Why is Brazil excited about Maracana stadium?

The Maracana stadium is Brazil’s most famous football stadium, It has hosted two World Cup finals in 1950 and 2014.Many of Brazil's most famous and inspirational moments in football have happened there, and they are now going to be playing in the semifinal and hopefully the final on their home turf.

What important events happened in Brazil?

Many important events have happened in Brazil. For example, in 2014, the Brazilian national football team made history by losing 7 - 1 to Germany in the semi final of the World Cup in Brazil.

Has mexico beat brazil in a world cup?

The game between Mexico and Brazil was a goalless draw in the FIFA World Cup 2014.The biggest win came in 2012 when Mexico beat Brazil in the Olympic final, the only notable tournament the Brazilians have never won

Who won the football World Cup 1998?

France won the 1998 world cup, they beat Brazil in the final 3-0.

How many times has Uruguay won the football world cup?

2. In 1930, the first FIFA World Cup, it was played in Uruguay and in 1950 in Brazil. In the second one won the final againt Brazil (local team) and that match is known as "the Maracanazo" because it was played in the Maracaná Stadium and Brazil was the favorite team to win that final.

How many World Cups does Uruguay have?

Uruguay's National Football Team has 4. However, two are from 1924 and 1928 when the FIFA World Cup didn't exist and a gold medal in the Olympic Games was what FIFA at that time counted as the world winner. The other two are from the regular FIFA World Cup, in 1930 (the first FIFA World Cup ever, Uruguay was the first winner and first host, won the final match against Argentina) and in 1950 (played in Brazil where the final is known as "Maracanazo" as when Uruguay played the final match against Brazil, Brazil was inaugurating a new stadium and around 200,000 people attended as a draw was good enough for Brazil to be world winner but Uruguay beat them 2-1).

Which team win world cup football 1998?

France beat Brazil 3-0 in the final with goals from Petit and Zidane (2)

Which teams went the final during the 2010 FIFA world cup which won?

Agentina, France, Brazil, Korea, Ghana, Nigeria, Congo, Germany, Algeria, South Korea, Uruguay, USA,

What is different about the final Olympic torch bearer?

The final Olympic torch bearer will use the torch to light the cauldron at the Olympic venue.

Which country has most appearances in football World Cup final?

Brazil and Germany have each made it to the World Cup championship match 7 times.

Highest ever attendance at a football game?

Nearly two hundred thousand; The 1950 world cup final between Uruguay and Brazil: Attendance 199,954

What sport did France win the world cup?

France won the world cup in football/soccer. They won it at home in 1998 after beating Brazil 3-0 in the final