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It's not really that anybody sat down and decided that women couldn't be olympic athletes, but in ancient Greece, as in much of ancient Europe, women were regarded as the less athletic of the two genders. Ancient civilizations conformed to strict gender roles, in which men competed to be the strongest, fastest, manliest, most eligible male, and women were expected to be the "property" of their husbands, fathers and sons. It was almost unthinkable that a women was even capable of competing in the events, and it never would have been allowed.

Only in (relatively) recent times, as gender roles are being challenged, have female athletes began to rise.

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Q: Who dicided that girls could participate in the Ancient Olympics?
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Who took part in the ancient Olympics?

ANY free man in a Greek polis could participate in the Olympics if he was fit for event.

Who took part in the ancient Olympics games?

Any free man in a Greek polis could participate in the Olympics if he was fit for event.lewis brownsword

Did Ladies do the Ancient Greeks Olympics?

Women did not participate in the Ancient Olympics. Only Greek speaking men were allowed to participate. Exception: in the chariot-race the owner of the horses was considered to be the competitor, and got the prize if they won. Women could put their horses in for the chariot race, and were considered competitors when they did.

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They could be luck to participate in the para olympics.

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people came from all over ancient Greece after they were approved to be in the Olympics because they had to be good enough. so pretty much anyone who was good enough to participate in the Olympics and was a citizen of a Greek city could participate in the Olympics.

What age should you be to enter the Greek Olympics?

You have to be at least 20 years old to enter the Olympics. Women could not watch or participate in the Greek Olympics.

Who could participate at the Ancient Games?

Citizens of Greek city-states.

Could women participate or be part of the ancient games?

Heck know

Could men and women participate in the Olympics?

yes why wouldnt they be alloed they moan when people are fat

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They have to learn to do nothing.

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A head wreath.

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