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The commissioner decides on the rules in football.

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Q: Who decides what the rules are going to be in football?
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In old football rules did the clock stop by going out of bounds only in the last 2 minutes of a football game?

yes it is true that a referee must stop the clock by going out of bounds in the last 2 minutes of a football game. no-one knows why they were told to do this but now the rules have changed.

Why does football have rules?

Rules make up the game of football.

Flag football rules vs tackle football rules?

In flag football their is a flag if you tackle.

Were the first football rules different from the ones now?

yes they are...the English football assocation wrote the rules for football in 1863

When was Circle rules football created?

Circle rules football was created in 2006.

What are the rules to Greek football?

there are no rules

What is Australian football called?

Football, Footy, Australian Rules Football, Aussie Rules, Aerial Ping Pong.

What rules must be followed by NASCAR drivers?

Whichever rules NASCAR decides to enforce.

What are the official rules and regulations of pro football?

There are many rules to the NFL buut only a few are commonly abused. There have been books written for all tipes of football leages, so I suggest going out and buying a book.

When were the rules changed from modern football rules to rugby rules?


Who decides which bills go on for consideration?

rules committee

Who is the oldest football club in England?

Officially the worlds oldest club playing Association Football (Soccer) is Sheffield FC founded 1857 but unofficially it is Cambridge University Football club who have records going back to 1848 when they played games under their old Cambridge Rules. The Cambridge Rules were later used as a basis for the 'Laws of the game' for Association Football by the Football Association in 1863. Cambridge University Football club adopted the FA rules shortly after they were introduced. Sheffield FC continued to play their Sheffield rules for 14 years after the Football Association were formed and did not adopt FA Rules until 1877 by which time there were dozens of teams playing football by association rules. Guys Hospital London has an even older football club but they play Rugby Football so that is probably not the answer you are looking for.

Which has more rules- baseball or football?


Who invented the rules of Football?

Football Association

Is there more rules in basketball or football?


Where did Australian Rules Football start?

Australian rules football started in melborne, Victoria in 1859.

What happens if a pope breaks the solemn oath that they take at the conclave?

The pope makes the rules. If he decides to announce information from the conclave, he has the right to do so. Who is going to punish him?

Where is there information on the skills and rules of football drills?

The rules of football play can be found online from The Rules of Play website. This website summarises the FIFA football rules, also available online, from the FIFA website (but these are 150 pages long).

What sports involve kicking?

Association football (a.k.a. soccer, fútbol), Rugby football, American football, Canadian football, Australian Rules football, Arena football, Gaelic football, International Rules football, Futsal, Sepak Takraw and Kickball.

What are the rules to childrens rugby?

it is the same rules as football:)

What Sport has the Fewest and Most rules?

Football has the fewest rules out of sports. Football = Soccer

Who decides how and when a bill reaches the floor of the house?

Rules Committee

What are the rules of Russian soccer?

In short: the same rules as every other league. All football leagues are bound by the rules of Association Football, these rules are administered and enforced by FIFA at international level and their own football associations internally.

Who wrote the rules of Soccer Football?

The English invented Football in 1863 and writ out all the official rules for the game

How many rules does football have?

9,564,347,865,872,108,567,000 rules what did ya thank