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Marion Campbell was the Head Coach for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1983. He coached 47 games and finished with a 17 - 29 -1 record. He coached until 1985.

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Q: Who coached the Philadelphia Eagles in 1983?
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Who was the Philadelphia Eagles coach in 1983?

Marion Campbell was the coach for the Philadelphia Eagles coach in 1983. He coached till 1985 for the Eagles. He coached 47 games and finished with a 17 - 29 - 1 record as the Head Coach.

Who coached the Philadelphia Eagles in 1984?

In 1984, Marion Campbell was the head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles.

How many Super Bowls have the Philadelphia Eagles been to?

The Philadelphia Eagles have been in 3 Super Bowls.1981. Super Bowl XV. Raiders vs Eagles. Raiders won. Coached by Dick Vermiel and led by ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski2005. Super Bowl XXXIX. Patriots vs Eagles. Patriots won. Coached by Andy Reid and led by Donovan McNabb.2018. Super Bowl LII. Eagles vs Patriots. Eagles won.Prior to the first "Superbowl" in 1967, the Eagles won three NFL Championships - 1948, 1949 and 1960.

Where are the Philadelphia Eagles located?

The Philadelphia Eagles are based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What team did Dick Vermeil coach before joining the Kansas City Chiefs?

Dick Vermiel coached the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XV.

When was Philadelphia Eagles created?

Philadelphia Eagles was created in 1933.

Who coached the Eagles before Ray Rhodes?

Rich Kotite

How long have the Philadelphia Eagles existed?

The Philadelphia Eagles were established in 1933.

Who wore number 41 for the Philadelphia Eagles?

Tanard Davis was born in Miami, Florida on January 27, 1983. Davis played for the Philadelphia Eagles during the 2007 season, and he wore the #41 on his jersey.

What is the Philadelphia Eagles record?

The Philadelphia Eagles record currently is 6 - 8.

Which state do the Philadelphia Eagles play for?

The Philadephia Eagles play in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

How good are the Philadelphia Eagles?

the Philadelphia eagles are very good. Especially with VICK

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