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The Philadelphia Eagles are based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Q: Where are the Philadelphia Eagles located?
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When was Philadelphia Eagles created?

Philadelphia Eagles was created in 1933.

Where do the Philadelphia Eagles play their home matches?

The Philadelphia Eagles play their home matches at Lincoln Financial Field. Lincoln Financial Field is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Lincoln Financial Field holds over 68,500 fans.

What is Zach Ertz's number on the Philadelphia Eagles?

Fletcher Cox is number 91 on the Philadelphia Eagles.

How good are the Philadelphia Eagles?

the Philadelphia eagles are very good. Especially with VICK

Which state do the Philadelphia Eagles play for?

The Philadephia Eagles play in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What position does LeSean McCoy play?

LeSean McCoy plays Running Back for the Philadelphia Eagles.

What was the Philadelphia Eagles record in 2009?

In 2009, the Philadelphia Eagles record was 11-5.

What was the original name of the Philadelphia Eagles?

The NFL's Frankford Yellowjackets were awarded to a syndicate headed by Bert Bell and Lud Wray in 1933. Bell named the new Philadelphia team Eagles in honor of the symbol of the New Deal's National Recovery Act.

Where can one find the Philadelphia Veterans Stadium?

The Veterans Stadium was located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was once home playing field for the Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies. In 2004, the stadium was demolished. It was located at the corner of Broad Street and Pattison Avenue.

In the year 1980 who was the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback who was the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1980?

Ron Jaworski

What is Brad Smith's number on the Philadelphia Eagles?

Brad Smith is number 16 on the Philadelphia Eagles.

What is Michael Bamiro's number on the Philadelphia Eagles?

Michael Bamiro is number 72 on the Philadelphia Eagles.