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Allegedly William Web-ellis

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Q: Who caught a rugby ball and ran to the opposition's line with it?
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What is a Attack in rugby?

This occurs when one team has possession of the ball and are moving toward the oppositions try line with intent to score. It can also occur when the team who does not have possession of the ball is close to the opponents try line. The team in possession has to defend that possession.

Who throws ball into the line out in rugby?

Generally the Hooker (No. 2).

What positions do you stand when receiving the ball in rugby?

you may be in any position as a ball receiver as long as you are in line with the ball carrier or behind the ball carrier

What is a rugby line out?

When the ball goes out of play and you throw it in. A bit like a throw-in in football

When was rugby invented?

1823 when it was supposed that a certain Webb Ellis was playing football and when the ball came to him he caught it and ran to the oppositions goal line and shouted TRY, and that was how it was supposed to have been created. It became a professional sport in 1995, and will feature as 7's in 2016 Olympics.1843 and formalised in 1871

When a ball is caught in a line out what is the name of the gathering the offensive players make to protect the ball?

It is huddle

Who has the largest dead ball area in rugby union?

The dead ball area on ANY rugby pitch must not exceed 22 meters - measured from the goal line. This is a requirment of NRL and IRB.

No Side in a rugby game?

Throughout the game either one side or the other has possession of the ball. At the end of the game the referee calls "no side" to indicate that neither side has possession of the ball thereafter.

How do you play rugby sport?

basically - a team will carry the rugby ball, passing backwards or kicking the ball forward to reach the opposing teams goal line. The ball will then require grounding by placing the hand of the attacking player on the ball as it touches or goes over the in goal area.

If a football is on the out of bounds line is it in or out of bounds?

In association football, the ball must completely pass over the line: on is in.In American football and rugby football, any contact with the line makes the ball or player out of play: on is out.

How does one score in the sport Polo Rugby?

Polo and rugby are two different sports, but both involve maneuvering the ball into a goal to score points. Polo is played on horseback and requires hitting the ball with a long-handled hammer. Rugby is similar to American football and requires the players to cross a goal line with the ball in their hands.

What is the maximum length in line of a Rugby ball?

Maximum Length in line: 300 mm Minimum Length in line: 280 mm This a a regulation side for adult matches