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Q: Who catches the ball thrown by the pitcher in baseball?
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Who catches the baseball thrown by the pitcher if the batter doesnt hit it?

In that case, the catcher is supposed to catch the ball , but sometimes they don't.

Describe a contact force and a noncontact force that affect the motion of a baseball after a pitcher has thrown the ball?

describe a contact force and a noncontact force that affect the motion of a baseball after a pitcher thrown the ball

What does a receiver do?

Catches the ball thrown from the quarterback.

When a pitcher is holding a baseball the ball has what energy After the pitcher throws the ball the ball has what energy?

when holding a ball it has "potential energy" when the ball is in motion after being thrown it has "kinetic energy"

What happens when the pitcher catches a ball from the batter?

the batter is out

In dodgeball if your opponent catches your thrown ball you are out true or false?

The answer is true. If you throw a ball and a player on the other team catches it, you are out. Tyler

Can a base runner be thrown out if a foul ball is hit?

Yes, the ball is still considered foul if the a player catches it. They can be thrown out when trying to tag after the fly ball is caught.

In baseball what does HPB stand for?

Hit By Pitch - when a batter is struck by a thrown ball from the pitcher, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Is hit batsman a wild pitch or error?

Neither -- a hit batsman is a pitch thrown that hits the batter, even if the catcher immediately catches the ball after that contact. A wild pitch is a pitch thrown so badly that the catcher is not able to catch it, but which does not hit the batter. An "error" in baseball terminology has nothing to with pitching -- it is a fielding mistake. A pitcher can commit an error, but only on a batted or thrown ball.

Who throws the ball in baseball?

The pitcher throws the ball in baseball

Longest thrown baseball?

The longest ball thrown was by glen gorbous. The ball was thrown 445 feet and 10 inches

What is the main difference between baseball and softball?

the thing about softball is that the ball thrown by the pitcher is different than baseball in baseball they trow it normal and in softball the pitcher trows it as a circular form, and baseball is played most by man and softball women.

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