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In Netball, the goal shooter and the goal attack can shoot.

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Q: Who can shot in netball?
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What is considered a good shot percentage in netball?

80 %

What players can shot in netball?

Goal Attack and Goal Shooter

What does gs stand for netball?

Gs stands for goal shot.

What is the penalty for obstruction in netball?

When you obstruct in netball, you have to stand beside the player you obstructed and wait till they have taken the pass/shot :)

Are there rebounds in netball?

Yes, if a shooter misses the shot then the opposition can try and take the ball or you can have another shot.

How do you shot in netball?

by passing the ball to Ur team mate on Ur team to get the ball into the opposite hoop on the otherside of the netball field

Can you knock a ball out of someones hands in netball?

no, or you will give away a free shot

How do you improve your follow through when you shoot in netball?

when you have taken a shot, follow your shot to the hoop and if it hits the ring you will then hopefully get the rebound meaning you can have another shot:)

What is the penalty for intimidation in netball?

Penalty pass or Penalty pass/shot, depending on where you are on court.

What are the penalties for breaking the rules in Netball?

the other teams ball or a free shot or pass with you standing beside

Penalty shot in netball?

penalty pass or shots are taken when obstruction has occured inthe shooting circle

What does the gd in netball do?

The Goal Defence (GD) in netball is on the Goal Attack (GA). The GD position is to defend the ball and try to get as many turnovers as possible and defend the GA when she has a shot a goal.

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