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Q: Who came second in the euro 2008?
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Who came in second in the 2008 FIFA World Cup?

There was no 2008 FIFA World Cup. However, there was the 2008 Euro, which was won by Spain after they defeated Germany 1-0 in the final.

Who was in the euro 2008?

No English teams was in euro 2008

When did the Euro go out?

This depends, the Euro came out in 2001 for twelve of the countries then in 2003 came out the euro in San Marino, Vatican City and Monaco. 2007 was the year when Slovenia joined the euro zone followed by Malta and Cyprus (2008). Now (2009) Slovakia joined the euro zone. If you have coins that are dated 1999 or 2000 that is because that was the year that the mint started to make the euro coins.

Where was euro cup 2008 held?

Euro 2008 was held in Austria and Switzerland.

Which country was the euro soccer champion 2008?

Spain won Euro 2008

How many goals in euro 2008?

there were 62 goals scored at the euro 2008

How much is 1 euro in Mexico and the euro came from France.?

1 euro.

Who won the biggest loser 2008?

Sam was Australia's Biggest Loser in 2008. Alison came in second; Kirsten came in third.

Who came second on Britain's got talent 2008?


Registration code UEFA euro 2008 PC?

uefa euro registracion code 2008

Which country won 2008 Euro football cup?

Spain won the 2008 Euro cup.

Which team won euro 2008?

Spain. Euro 2008-spain. World Cup 2010-spain. Euro 2012-spain. So powerful.