Who calls what pitch to throw?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Mostly the catcher, although the manager has some say, and of course the pitcher is the one who actually has the final say in which pitch is ultimately thrown.

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Q: Who calls what pitch to throw?
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Why does baseball have an over throw pitch and softball have an under throw pitch?

Because a softball is heavier then a baseball.

What is to throw a baseball to a batter called?

A Pitch

What is it called when you throw a slow pitch?

A changeup pitch is a slow pitch thrown to look like a fastball.

What is the meaning of underarm throw in softball?

An underarm throw in softball is basically a pitch. If you watch a fast pitch softball team, you will see that the pitcher pitches underhand.

What is the antonym to catch?

An antonym of catch is pitch or throw.

What are the synonoms for throw?

Toss or pitch would be a couple.

What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?

you call it a Neekeetia ? Everyone calls it that

Who was the first person to throw an eephus pitch?

Rip Sewell is credited with inventing the eephus pitch.

What affects a soccer ball when you throw it?

The speed you throw it at, wind, if you have put spin on the ball, the direction you throw it, the grip you had on it, rain, your height, your strength, your skill, the pitch if it lands directly on it and the players on the pitch that you are throwing it towards or who may intercept it.

What word can mean both tar and throw?


To throw a baseball to a batter and it is a 5 letter word?


Are there any pitchers that pitch from different sides of the rubber to throw a certain pitch?

Yes almost all do