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Because a softball is heavier then a Baseball.

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Q: Why does baseball have an over throw pitch and softball have an under throw pitch?
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What is the difference between a baseball pitch and softball pitch?

Baseball is a over-handed pitch. Softball is a under-handed pitch

What are the different skills of softball and baseball?

in softball you throw under hand in baseball you throw over hand. usually the fields in baseball are bigger than in softball.

What are some similarities between girls baseball and girls softball?

They both pretty much do the same thing except for in softball you can pitch with a full circle arm or an underhand throw but in girls baseball you can only throw under hand. Most of the time girls don't play baseball more than likely almost all girls that play a type of baseball play softball.

Why was softball created?

softball was created because softball is a sport similar to baseball but for girls,and with a larger ball.and also an under hand pitch,not overhand

How do you play slow pitch softball?

you under hand a pitch by tossing it under hand

Do you have to pitch under handed in softball?


How does the pitcher pitch the ball in softball?

a pitcher throws a softball under hand in a circular motion

What size softball is used in 12 and under fast pitch softball?

10",11",and 12" balls.

What is harder to hit in baseball when you throw over hand or throw under?

Even though I'm a baseball player, it is harder to hit it under hand when the pitches are thrown at equal reaction times. -When the softball is thrown under hand, its harder to adjust because the ball rises. Its more natural to move your arms down than to come up. Having experience in fast-pitch, rise ball usually gets the job done :]

Do you pitch under hand in softball?

If your playing any kind of Womens softball then yes. But for mens softball, it matters what league your playing in. Some lay overhand slow itch, overhand fast itch, underhand slow pitch or underhand fast pitch. Check with a teamate or make sure what kinda of softball you are playing

What are the differences between softball and baseball?

There is a main difference between softball and baseball. First... obvious softball is played with a bigger ball. SEcond, is that the pitcher pitches underhand in softball and over hand in baseball. Many people or at least guys believe that baseball is better than softball, its more traditional and has been around longer. WEll i tell you what, softball is just as hard if not harder than "baseball". Softball goes alot quicker too. Ok, let me refraise my self, fast-pitch softball is at least as hard if harder. However, slo-pitch softball is not hard ot play while it does require skill, it does not require fast hand eye coordination when hitting the ball. Someone who goes from hitting the ball at 60 mph+ some to hitting the ball at 20 mph or less will prob miss the ball 8 out of 10 times for swinging too fast. Thus concluding that there are major yet minor differneces between softball and baseball, and which one is better is up to you... just depends on basically what sex you are, or what you basic opinion of the matter is. I am not trying ot be sexist, just statin the facts. ====================== The pitching for softball is always under hand. In baseball, the pitching is over hand. There is a fast pitch and a slow pitch in softball.

What size is extended strike zone for slow underhand pitch softball?

under your waist

How far away does the pitcher pitch in softball?

depends age group 12 under - 35ft

What is the distance from Home plate to pitcher's mound in youth 10 under slow pitch softball?


How far is the softball mound from home plate in ASA slowpitch softball?

For slow pitch softball, the mound is 50 feet from home plate for men, women, and girls. For boys under 18 it's 43 feet, and for boys under 15 it's 46 feet.

What is the distance from Home plate to pitcher's mound in youth 12 under slow pitch softball?

40 feet! I'm a pitcher in softball, exect it's fast pitch so slow pitch may be at 30 feet. I cant remeber! But I'm preety sure!

Is there such a thing as a slow-pitch fast-pitch baseball bat?

There is a slow-pitch BASEBALL bat is more for Little League. A fast-pitch BASEBALL bat is mostly 10 and under or 12 and under or even 14 and under. There isn't a slow-pitch and a fast-pitch BASEBALL bat. Meaning they cant be morphed together.

How far is the softball mound from home plate for elementary children's softball?

For boys under 15 the pitcher's mound is 46 feet from home plate. For girls, it's forty feet for fast pitch and fifty feet for slow pitch.

Is softball as challenging as baseball?

No, softball is about the same as baseball. Softball players use bigger balls; then baseball, to give more speed and curve to the ball. Under hand is a more natural way to throw, but because of the size of the ball softball is the same as baseball. SoftballFastpitch softball is very challenging, pitches may be slower ( 75 mph is about the max) but they are throwing from 40 feet which translates to over 100 mph in baseball. The bases are closer so stealing is common. Yes, because the pitcher has to do a perfect windup, perfect snap, perfect release point, and perfect placement for her pitch to be a strike. Also, the mound is farther awayin softball than in baseball. The balls are bigger and heavier, so they do not go as far when hit as baseballs do. The bases are closer together, which make stealing common, and you have to throw the ball really fast and accurately to get the runner out before she touches the plate. So yes, I would say it is more challenging. Softball softball may seem very similar to baseball at a young age but as you get into high school level and beyond its a lot different. It wouldn't be right to say that either baseball or softball are more or less challenging then the other. That would be like asking is swimming as challening as football, there just isn't a comparison. i know bc i live in a family with 4 baseball players who always try to tell me softball is easy and its not but i know they couldn't play softball very well at my level and i know that i wouldn't be able to take their spot on the baseball team. I do want to clear one thing up though, just bc we use a bigger and brighter ball does not mean its any easier!

What makes a softball?

On a softball the first thing they make to make a softball is that there is a rock ball in it and then there is alot of string raped around it and on the outside is white or yellow rubber and the string holds the rubber together and it forms a softball shape. What makes the softball stick on the string under is this sticky brown stuff. The rock ball under is like a really hard piece of dirt. If you take a softball apart and get to the rock ball and throw it on the ground, it will break in half or into pieces.

What size softball is used for 16 and under fastpitch softball?

12 inch ball for softball in age groups 16 and under

How many people a aboust to be in the out field for 14 in under softball?

9 players same as baseball.

What softball size do girls under 7 years play with?

a little bigger than a baseball

What is 5 cooolfacts on softball?

5 Fun Facts about Softball: 1. It's just like baseball except it's for girls!!! 2. The ball is bigger than a baseball so it's easier to catch and hit. 3. When you pitch, you pitch "under"-hand rather than "over"-hand 4. There are 9 positions in defense just like in baseball. 5. The field is smaller than a basball diamond.

How far is it from pitcher to catcher in 12 and under softball?

40 feet for 11 and 12, 9 and 10 pitch 35 feet