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Australia.... it was between Australia and England and Australia won the match by 45 runs.

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2012-02-02 10:18:39
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Q: Who bowled first in the first cricket test match?
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Who bowled the first ball of the World Cup cricket?

Madan Lal of India faced the first ball in cricket test match. The match was between India and England.

Which bowler bowled the first ball of test cricket history?

Spofforth bowled it....

Who bowled maximum number of overs in a test match day?

Al Valentine is the cricket player who bowled maximum number of overs in a test match day. He is closely followed by one LO Fleetwood-Smith.

How many overs in test cricket?

There are no specified overs in a test match. It is usually 5 days of cricket with around 90 overs bowled on each day. Things like rain delay, bowling team bowling slow etc can affect the number of overs bowled in a test match.

Who bowled the first ball of first ever test match?

I think Spofforth.

Who bowled the fast ball bowled in test in cricket?

Shoaib Akhter

How many balls are bowled in a cricket match?

In a test match 90 overs a day so 540 a day so times 540 by 5 so that it 2700 ball in a test match.

Highest run on a day of a test cricket match?

588 runs and the match was between England and India. But the run rate was not much as 155 overs were bowled in the match.

Where did India play its first test cricket match?

India played its first test cricket match in Kolkata, Eden Gardens.

Who was the first captain of Australia in its first test cricket match?

Dave Gregory was the first captain of Australia for the first recognised Test Cricket Match in 1877.

What is the highest first day score in a test cricket match in which 90 overs were to be bowled in a day?

494 for 9 way back in 1910

Who took sachin's wicket for the first time?

In Test Cricket it was Waqar Younis bowled for 15.

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