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Since 2000, Duke and North Carolina are two of the top winningest College Basketball programs. Other top ten winningest programs include Kansas, UConn, Florida, Michigan State, Maryland, Syracuse, UCLA, and UT.

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Q: Who are the top ten winningest college basketball programs since 2000?
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Who are the top five winningest college football programs since 2000?

Mount Union College Grand Valley State Oklahoma University

Who are the top 15 winningest college football teams since 2001?

USC is the winningest football school since 2001

What are the most winningest college football teams since 1960?


What are the most winningest college football teams since 1995?

Virginia Tech

What are the most winningest college football teams since 2005?

Florida State University

Top 5 winningest college football teams since 2000?

1. Boise State

What are the winningest college football teams since 2002?

Boise State has the best record (100-11) since 2002 (including 2002).

Who is Top 25 winningest basketball program since 1980?

Duke North Carolina Kentucky Kansas Louisville Syracuse Georgetown UCLA

Which college basketball teams have the most wins since 2000?

college of wooster

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List of most wins in college basketball since 2000?


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What is the winningest NFL team since 1994?

New England Patriots

What school has the most wins since the year 2000 in mens college basketball?


Will there be a college hoops 2k10 for ps3?

There isn't currently a College Hoops 2k10 game. There's NCAA basketball 10 by EA Sports. But, 2K has not made a college basketball game since I believe, 2008.

What are the sports franchises with the winningest percentage since 1970?

Pittsburgh Steelers, by far

Who are the top 10 winningest college football teams since 1997?

boise state usc florida oklahoma michigan ohio state georgia oregon auburn texas

What is the average free throw percentage in men's college basketball?

69 percent since 1969

Who is the winningest college football team since World War 2?

Since 1946, Oklahoma is the winningest program either way you look at it. Leading the list in total wins is Oklahoma with 514. Nebraska, Penn State, and Texas are tied at second with 494. Oklahoma also leads the winning percentage list at .755. Ohio State is second at .743.

Which college basketball conference has won the most national championships?

i think pac-10 since they have ucla

What are the ten winningest division 1A football programs since 2000?

Just a guess, In no particular order, LSU, USC, OU, OSU, Florida, Boise state, michagan, Texas, Florida state, and maybe Tennessee

Who holds record for most coaching wins in college basketball?

* Gene Bess of Three Rivers Community College in Poplar Bluff, Missouri,became the first college basketball coach to win 1,000 games on Feb. 22, 2006. Gene Bess has been the coach of the men's basketball team at Three Rivers Community College in Poplar Bluff, Missouri since 1971. At the end of the 2006-2007 season, his career win-loss record was 1027-270, making him the all-time winningest Junior College coach. * Harry Statham at McKendree College in Lebanon, Ill., near St. Louis, is the winningest coach at any four-year college or university, compiling 950+ wins in 40+ years of coaching. * Pat Head Summitt (born Patricia Sue Head on June 14, 1952 in Clarksville, Tennessee) is the coach of the Tennessee Lady Vols basketball team. She has been coaching for 34 years, all with the Lady Vols. Her career win-loss record as coach is 972-182 . (As of February 24, 2008) * Bobby Knight of Texas Tech (& primarily, Indiana University) has the most wins in men's Division I basketball with 902 career wins.