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Giggs and Beckham

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Q: Who are the top ten oldest football players and their age?
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Who are the ten oldest active NFL players?

vinny testaverde

How many people are on a football team without quarter back?

ten football players

Top ten richest football players in the world and the year?


What sport has ten players on both teams?

dunno. football has 11. unless i get sent off. so i will say football in my team has 10 players who play football

Who are the ten fastest football players in the 40 yard dash?

Steve Smith

Man u top ten highest paid player?

The top ten highest paid payers are football players and basketball players. They both get paid millions.

Which sports has ten players on each team?

Football.... If a guy gets red carded

What is the oldest big ten football stadium?

Camp Randall Stadium at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison, WI.

Who are the top ten highest paid football players in weekly wages in the world?

John terry of chelseafc

Top 10 football players 2009? (Top ten football players of 2009) ronaldo messi kaka gerrard torres D .villa newtest3

Why people shouldn't play football?

Well Football is the sport that get the most concussions. On average ten of thousands of players get a concussion at least once a year.

How many broncos have been arrested in the last ten years?

Broncos are football players in the NFL. Bronco players are from Colorado. Approximately 8 Denver Broncos have been arrested in the last ten to twelve years.

Do children get paid at the age of ten to play football?

No, at the age of 10 you usually have to pay to play soccer with a club or academy.

Who are the ten richest football players in the world in 2009?

The most richest footballer is David Bechem, from both salary and endorsement.

How many soccer players can be on the field at once?

In senior team football (soccer), there are 11 players on each team; including one goal keeper and ten on-field players. Younger age groups often play smaller side games, on a smaller pitch, which can have 5, 6, 7 or 9 on each team.

How many of the Indianapolis Colts players are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

There are ten people inducted all together from the Indianapolis Colts.

How many Big Ten players are in the NFL?


How many teams ard in the Big Ten in college football?

There are ten football teams in the Big Ten, which is why it's called the Big Ten.

What age was the oldest Newfoundland dog?

Katie Lou Bugum is thee oldest living Newfoundland. She is 15 years 9 months old. Most Newfies live only ten years.

Is steven Gerrard one of the top ten players in the world?

he's one of the top 20 players of all time , and ranks 14 th there and is one of the top 10 English football players of all time and ranks 6th

Ten most capped English football players?

The most capped English player is Peter Shilton, David Beckham an Sir Bobby Charlton.

What college football team has had the most players arrested in last ten years?

The Oregon ducks have had 9 people arrested in the past 10 years

Top ten football players ever?

The top ten footballers are Ronaldo Lima, Fillipo Inzaghi,, Romario, , Marco Van Basten, Pele, Zico, Eusibo, Maradona , Sir Bobby Charlton.

Why are there eleven players in a soccer team?

Teams have eleven players because in the 19th century - when football was just beginning - classes at the English 'public schools' (which are really private schools) had ten pupils. Early games were often one class against another - so ten pupils plus the teacher makes eleven players.

How many players in a basketballmatch?