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The most recognized sport team is the New York Yankees.

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Q: Who are the most recognized sport teams?
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What sport has the most teams?

according to the national data base. the sport which consists of most teams is the sport of football. with a average of 50 teams in each cxountry, football has the most teams who are involved.

What are the 4 most popular sport teams in the US?

It depends on what sport. NFL is the most popular sport and the three most popular teams are Packers, Patriots, and Falcons.

Which city has the most sports teams?

North Carolinahas the most sport teams

What is Indiana's state sport?

While a single sport recognized as being the "state sport", due to the popularity of the Indianapolis 500, I believe auto racing is the most popular sport in the state. there isn't a single sport recognized as being

City with most sport teams wins?

New York.

What state has the second most professional sport teams?


Why does California have the most professional sports teams?

because states with the most population have most sport teams and California is the biggest state in population

How many soccer teams exist in the world?

As it is the most played sport, there could well be 150,000 teams .

What middle school has the most athletic sport teams?

there is many schools that have athletic teams butmost of them are from NC

Which sport has the most scandals?

The Sport with the most scandal is soccer because they go crazy insane for their teams in Europe and South America.

Is knockout a sport?

Knock Out is not recognized as a sport.

Which are the most valuable sport teams of the world?

The Mighty Vikings of Minnesota.

Is soccer the most popular sport or football?

Soccer is the most popular sport. In many countries, soccer is a highly recognized sport. In Spanish countries, the call it football, but it is pronounced fOOte bOWl.

Is soccer the most famous sport in the world?

Yes look at all the teams

What American professional sport has the most teams?

Soccer has more than 200 teams. The NFL has 32, Baseball has 30.

Is billiards a recognized sport?


Why do areas of America have the most sports teams?

It really has to with the sports popularity and the population of the location ... You find that places' where there is a high population there will be more teams and you will also find that where that sport is popular they'll be teams playing more of that particular of sport ...

What sport has the most professional teams?

soccer is the sports that has most pro leagues. It even has a World cup.

What is the world's most expensive sport?

It might be Formula 1 racing. There are not many teams because few can afford to "play" at this sport.

What are Michigan sport teams?

Sports teams from Michigan

What is the most played sport in Ohio?

There is no exact answer but I would guess football because Ohio has the most teams on football.

Sports teams in Mississippi?

There are sport teams in mississippi There are in teams everywhere! You have to know!

What is the favorite sport in Fiji?

the favourite sport in fiji is soccer and rugby. Most teams aren't skilfull enough to make the tellie though.

Does Rhode Island have any sports teams?

There are sport teams

Are there any sporting teams in st.augustine?

no there are no sport teams in st.augustine