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Greg Hasting is one of them.

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Q: Who are the most popular paintball players?
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What is the Most popular extreme sports?

paintball is the most popular extreme sport. the number of paintball players exponentially grows each year.

Where do paintball players play at?

paintball fields or on their property.

Is airsoft more popular than paintball?

No, paintball is more commonly known and is more popular. The last person was correct but I'll give a more detailed answer. Paintball is more popular than Airsoft but more young kids play Airsoft because it's not as dangerous. Paintball players normally start at around 13 while Airsoft players normally start around 11. Airsoft is something that you can do in the back yard, while Paintball is something you normally need to go to a place that hosts Paintball games for.

What is the salary of a pro paintball player?

Professional paintball players have no true salary. There are very few pro paintball players that don't need a second job to support themselves. They make most of their money from sponsorships and endorsements. edit: most work for there sponsor's.. and unless your ollie lang you wont make much money playing paintball.

What are some popular paintball discounters in the US?

Popular paintball stores in the US offering discounted paintball equipment include Paintball Discounters, Paintball Online, Discount Paintball, and Zephyr Paintball. Inexpensive paintball equipment can be found secondhand on websites such as Amazon and eBay.

Who are the most popular Italian soccer players?

Cannavaro and Totti are the most popular Italian soccer players

What number is paintball on the most popular sports list?

Paintball is rated #3 in extreme sports. Right under Inline Skating and Skateboarding.

What age do most people start paintball?

In general, most paintball players are 13-18, but that changes in every area. The insurance required age is 10, but you must be 18 to sign your own forms.

What is the way to win paintball?

The most common ways paintball matches are won are either through capturing and returning the opponents flag, or eliminating all of their players by marking them with paint.

How do you find the area of a paintball?

You can find paintball fields by asking players, or looking for places with tourism brochures, as paintball fields often advertise in them.

How many paintball players are there in the world?

over 5

What is a Tippmann x7 used for?

The Tippmann x7 is a paintball gun that is used for the game or sport of paintball. It is considered one of the most popular guns for paintball and has received an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

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