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Paintball is rated #3 in extreme sports. Right under Inline Skating and Skateboarding.

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Q: What number is paintball on the most popular sports list?
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According to Top Ten Lists, fencing is number 56 on the most dangerous sports.

Can you send a paintball gun in the mail?

Yes it can as long as they are legal in the country that you are sending it too. Make sure you call it a paintball marker, not a paintball gun on the contents list.

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The Sports List was created in 2004.

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Is Park City Utah getting a paintball arena?

Park City already has a few sites and areas for paintball. If you google "Park City Paintball", a list of sites will come up.

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In North America its towards the bottom. But in Europe its more popular, I would say that its at around 2 or 3.

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Basketball, cricket, rugby and soccer are popular sports in Suriname.Specifically, soccer well may be the most popular sport in terms of organized and leisure time physical activity. In terms of sports competitions, running and swimming are popular. In terms of leisure, recreational and vacation activities, fishing is high on the list.

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No, paintball trigger may not even sit on the same brand. It should list the model the trigger is for.

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Badminton ranks on the number 22nd position in the most popular sports list.Badminton is the world's fastest racket sport with the speed of the shuttlecock reaching almost 200mph. This sport is not recognized in the US with most Americans thinking it is just a backyard bbq thing. This is how badminton got the bad reputation in the US.

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Kobe Bryant is fourth on the list of most popular sports athletes, with Tiger Woods at the top, Michael Jordan 2nd, and Lebron James 3rd.

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The three top sports in the United states are Basketball as first because it is played by most kids on streets and in schools for gym and by adults as a hooby or profession. Number 2 would be football a very challenging sport and a sport that is really great to watch if you love seeing hard hits. Baseball is 3rd and has been gradually dropping as a popular sport, It used to be number 1 in the beginning 1900s.

What is Germany's most popular radio station?

WDR4 is number 1 on the list. WDR2 is number 2 and Oberhausen 106.2 is number 3.

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List of most popular team sports in South Korea:FootballBaseballBowlingBadmintonE-SportsIce Hockey

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Soccer is Suriname's most popular sport.Specifically, participation in or witnessing soccer matches are high on the list of choice sports and leisture time activities. Other popular sports to view or in which to participate include basketball, cricket, rugby, running and swimming.

Where is the best place to paintball in Halifax?

Sadly there is no actual paintball field in Halifax. However, there is over 30 fields in Nova Scotia. for a full list, try going to

Is hockey third most popular sport in the world?

There really is no official list of the most popular sports but I would say hockey is not the third most popular sport in the world. Baseball, basketball, football , and soccer are all more popular but i would say hockey is close behind.

Is the green tree frog on the endangered list?

No, they are quite abundant in number and are a popular species of pet frogs.

Where can you find a list of the most popular sports in Costa Del Sol?

Costa del Sol is a vacational region, not the ideal sports spectator place. Soccer is tuned on tv's and popular events are bullfightin' during its season (Marbella, Malaga, benalmadena...). basketball is also very popular in Malaga, with a team in the top league (ACB) that draws huge crowds.

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