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Yes they are there one of the best teams this year.

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2010-06-29 22:28:52
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Q: Is Uruguay in the last 8 of the 2010 football world cup?
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When did last Uruguay win World Cup?

Uruguay has last won the world cup in 1950 in Brazil.

What football competition did Uruguay last win?

2011 Copa America

When did Uruguay last reach the World Cup semifinals?

6th of July 2010 but then unfortunatly lost 3-2 against holland.Gideon

When was the last time uruguay participated in the world cup?


When did Uruguay last reach the last 16 of the FIFA World Cup?

Aside from the 2010 competition, in which Uruguay have made it to at least the quarterfinal stage, and, perhaps, beyond, the last time the team made it to the last sixteen was in 1990 in Italy - when they qualified in third place in their group alongside fellow group qualifiers Spain and Belgium.

When was the last time the football world cup holders got knocked out in the group stages?

The last time that football World Cup holders got knocked out in the group stages was in 2010 when Italians were knocked out in the group stages.

Who won last years football world cup?

Italy won the 2006 world cup by beating France on penalties. The next world cup will be in 2010.

France and Uruguay will meet in group a at the 2010 fifa world cup the last time France played Uruguay in a group match the equipe tricolore were still fifa world cup champions when was that?

That was in 2002, when France and Uruguay played out a 0-0 draw. Thierry Henry was sent off in that game. Both teams crashed out in the group phases.

What country won the last football world cup?

Italy won the last world cup, in 2006 which was held in Germany. They defeated France. Italy won it in 2006, and Spain in 2010.

Who was the last team to win a world cup for the first time?

It was Uruguay in the year 1930.

When was the last Football World Cup?

2010 in South Africa. Spain beat The Netherlands 1-0 in the final after extra time.

When did Alabama last play the South Carolina Gamecocks in football?


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