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Tiffany Chan

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Q: Who are the most famous women soccer players of the 2008 Olympics?
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Is soccer in the Olympics?

Yes, soccer is in the olympics, for men and women. Yes, soccer is played in the Olympics

Who are the most famous female soccer players?

The most famous women soccer player is Mia Hamm. Proven to be the #1 in a survey.

Why is Mia hamm well known?

She is known as one of the best soccer players in history. She led the us Women's soccer team to the Olympics.

What are some famous French women soccer players?

Some famous French women soccer players are: Wendie Renard, Laure Boulleau, Sabrina Delanoy, and Julie Soyer. Other famous names include: Camille Abily, Amandine Henry, and Viviane Asseyi.

When did soccer enter the Olympics?

Men's soccer began at the 1900 Olympics in Paris. Women's soccer began at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

How many women soccer teams compete in the Olympics?

10 soccer teams compete in the olympics

Do women soccer players wear spandex?


Are there many famous women soccer players?

Yes there are a few famous lady footballers as well. Such as Mia Haam , Martha, Bridgette Prinks of Germany.

Why don't professional men soccer players get paid more than professional women soccer players?

they do

About women soccer?

Women soccer isn't as well known as men's soccer however that doesn't stop Mia Hamm and other great women soccer players.

Who won the women soccer Olympics?

United States won in the 2012 london olympics

How many professional women soccer players are there?

In spring 2013, the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL) replaced Women's Professional Soccer. There are a total of eight teams with a maximum of 20 players on each team.

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