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Ronaldo, Maradona, Pele, Pauloni, Zidane.

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Q: Who are the most famous footballers?
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Who is the most famous football player?

The most famous American footballers include Joe Montana and Deion Sanders The most famous English footballers (soccer players) include Lionel Messi and Franz Beckenbauer.

Famous french footballers?

There have been many famous French footballers over the years. A few of the most famous football players are Franck Ribery, Lilian Thuram, and Eric Cantona.

Who is the most famous footballer?

There have been several famous footballers, after all it is a personal opinion , my choice is Pele.

Who are the top 10 most famous Dutch people not footballers?

Just google "BN'ers" .

Who are the most famous soccer players in Germany?

Thomas Muller and Miraslov Klose atr two famous footballers from Germany.

Famous German footballers?

There are many famous footballers who come from Germany. For example, there is Bastian Schweinsteiger who plays midfield for the national team.

Who are the most famous football players of the US?

The most famous footballers from the U.S.A are Tim Howard, Bret Friddell, Mac Bride , Tony Meola, Dempsey.

A famous footballer from Argentina?

There are several famous footballers from Argentina. One of the most famous footballer players is Abel Balbo. Another famous player is Adrian Caceres.

Who were Famous footballers of the 1970s?

Billy Bremner

Who are some famous Catholic footballers?

Many footballers belonging to a region where Catholicism is practised a lot are most likely to be Catholics. When you watch a football match, footballers who make cross signs before a match are Catholics. There certainly arent few. Many Brazilian and Italian footballers are Catholic.

Are there Any famous footballers born in Manchester?

Manchester born premiership footballers - Brown, Wellbeck and Johnson.

Who is Xavi and Enrique in Barcelona?

They are famous Spanish footballers.

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