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Q: Who are the game officials in badmenton?
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What are the disadvantages of badmenton?

Poor spelling?

What is the function of the net in badmenton?


What is Indonesia's national sports?


Who are the officials of the game of hockey?

The officials vary, but there are two referees and two linesman during a hockey game.

What are the roles of officials in a basketball game?

As with officials in any game their purpose it to make sure the rules of the game are understood and followed by the players.

What is the name of the ball they use in badmenton?

It is called a shuttlecock. It has 16 feathers on it.

What do they call game officials?

A game official is a referee.

How many officials are needed in a badminton game?

there are 4 different officials in badminton

Why are there 12 officials in a badmington game?

There are not 12 officials in a Badmington game there are usually 6 but when the game is half as long then they would only 3/4 officals.

Who are the officials of a football game?


Misconduct on badmenton?

Attacking your opponent with your racketshoving your 'shuttlecock' in their facechasing them around the court

How many officials are on the ice in an olympic ice hockey game?

At the 2010 Winter Games, there were 4 officials for a men's game (2 referees and 2 linesman) and 3 officials for a women's game (1 referee and 2 linesman).