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At the 2010 Winter Games, there were 4 officials for a men's game (2 referees and 2 linesman) and 3 officials for a women's game (1 referee and 2 linesman).

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Q: How many officials are on the ice in an olympic ice hockey game?
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How many officials are on the ice during a national hockey game?


How many officials during hockey?

there are 4 officials in an NHL game. 2 referees and 2 linesmen

How many off-ice officials are there in a hockey game?

If its a Minor hockey In canada Its 3 Officials 1 refferee and 2 linesmen 6 years official

How many officials are on the ice for a hockey game?

Four. Two referees.Two linesmen.

How many people can be on the rink during an ice hockey game?

sixteen - twelve players and four officials

How many officials are there on the ice for a National Hockey League Game?

there are four two linesmen and two referees

How many officials in ice during hockey league game?

Four officials are actually on the ice. There are two referees (the guys with orange armbands) and two linesmen.

How many officials are on the ice during a national hockey league?


How many Olympic Ice Hockey players were from Minnesota?


How many of the Olympic hockey players went on to play pro hockey?

they all were already playing pro hockey before they goined the olymics.

How many counties participate in olympic hockey?

The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), which oversees Olympic hockey, has 68 member countries. However only 12 top nations played in the 2010 Olympic Hockey tournament. In the past, the number of countries participating in any given Olympics ranged from 7 to 16.

How many medals has Cananda won in Olympic ice hockey?

Nine (9).