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I will interpret this question as "which active Baseball players have had a 200-hit season at some point in his career?"

33 different active players have had a 200-hit season. Visit the link below for the list.

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Q: Who are the current baseball players with 200 hits in a season?
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What current major league baseball players have had a 300 avg and 200 hits in a season 5 times?

ishiro suzuki

How many baseball players have got 200 hits in a season after age 40?


What baseball players have 300 hits in one season?

So far no one but the closest to 300 is ichiro which has 262 which is a season record

What kind of music do baseball players like?

Baseball players like "just the hits."

How many hits did Ichiro Suzuki hit in the 2004 baseball season?

Ichiro Suzuki hit 262 hits in 2004 baseball season.

Most hits in 2002 baseball season?

Most hits in the 2002 season was 209, by Alfonso Soriano.

Who has the most hits in baseball this season?

Prince Fielder

How many baseball players have 4000 hits?

two players - Ty Cobb and Pete Rose

What kind of music do baseball player like?

Baseball players like "just the hits."

Which Players have the most hits in a MLB season?

Ichiro Suzuki has the record, 262 in 2004.

Which 3 majou league baseball players have had 50 double base hits in a season?

Tris Speaker, Stan Musial, Brian Roberts. (Tris Speaker actually has 4 season) FYI There are several players with two 50+ double season, Albert Pujols is one and will likely add his name to this list.

Which Major League Baseball players had 200 hits in both leagues?

Five players have recorded 200 hits in a season in both leagues: George Sisler, Al Oliver, Bill Buckner, Steve Sax, and Vladimir Guerrero. MLB keeps these stats at the link attached below.

Who are the oldest players with 200 hits in one season?

Sam Rice, age 40, got 207 hits in 1930 for the Washington Senators.

Who are the 3 current mlb players with 150 hits IN THE PAST 11 YEARS?

jeter ichiro pujols

Which baseball players have more than 4000 hits?

1. Pete Rose- 4256 hits 2. Ty Cobb- 4189 hits

A baseball players batting average?

It is this equation... Number of hits ____________ Number of at bats That easy!

What are the total number of hits by all players in major league baseball history?

a lot

What percent of baseball players use bats?

100% of those who get hits use bats.

What baseball players have 6 hits in a single game?

It's happened many, many times.

How do you caculate a baseball players batting average?

You divide the player's total hits by the number of at-bats.

What major league baseball player holds the record for most hits in a season?

As of the 2008 season, Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners holds the MLB record for base hits in a season with 262 in 2004.

What players have had 200 hits in rookie season?

It's happened several times - Ichiro, Joe DiMaggio and Lloyd Waner are among the most prominent players who have done it.

How do you unlock Alfonso Soriano on Backyard Baseball 2007?

By having 60 hits in a season.

How many hits does Barry Bonds have?

According to Baseball Reference, as of the start of the 2011 season Bonds has 2,935 base hits.

Who are the current players with 1000 hits in one stadium?

Derek Jetter, Garret Anderson, Todd Helton, and Chipper Jones