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The Chinese.

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Q: Who are the best table tennis players in the world?
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Who is the best table-tennis players in the world?

The best table tennis player in the world at the moment is Zhang Jike.

Who are the tennis players who live in Florida?

There are many tennis players training in Florida because they have some of the best tennis players in the world including Bolliteri tennis academy.

Who is considered the world's best tennis players?

Rapheal nadal

Who is the best table tennis player?

Mr Paras Kumar is the best table tannis player in the world.

Which sport is best basketball or table tennis?

Table tennis

What kind of sports bag is best for tennis players?

A duffle bag is the best for tennis players.

Who are the best 10 table tennis players ever?

The question is very subjective, so no definitive answer can be given.

Where are the best locations to particapate in table tennis?

Table tennis is played in 207 countries around the world, but is most popular in Asia and Europe.

Who is the best table tennis player in Ireland?

You can find out this, along with what's happening in the world of table tennis at the following web site:

Who are some famous Indian Table tennis players?

Sharath Kamal Achanta is currently the best player in India.

How can table tennis players get the extra edge over their opponents?

The best method is to practice more than your opponent.

What blade and rubbers do the best table tennis players use?

The best players choose their blade and rubbers depending on what they prefer, and who sponsors them. There are too many types to list here.

Who is India's best table tennis player?

India's best table tennis player is Sharath Kamal ACHANT.

Is the national sport in china table tennis?

Yes,table tennis is China's best sport.

What is a good table tennis paddle for offensive players with lots of spin?

The best paddle is the one with the highest coefficient of friction. MM

In What country was tennis redeveloped?

Tennis as a sport was redeveloped in Melbourne which is in Australia. The redevelopment of tennis is meant to produced world class players who are able to compete with the best in the market.

Which are the Indians players play international table tennis?

There are many, but the best is Sharath Kamal Achanta. he is ranked No.39 In the world. He has won the singles at the 2006 Commonwealth Games, and the U.S. Open this year.

Who is the best table tennis players in the pilippines?

Top mens Philippines player is: Ernesto Ebuen and second best is currently richard Gonzales. As of 1/2/2012

Is Rafael Nadal good at tennis?

He is one of the best tennis players of all times.

What sports are China best at?

Table Tennis and Diving

How is the best person at table tennis?

yau ming

What is vannesa's sisters name?

Vanessa's sister's name is Serena. They are both professional lawn tennis players and are ranked among the best players in the world.

Why is Venus Williams important in black history month?

She is important because, she is one of the best tennis players in the world!

Who is the best table-tennis player in the world?

Currently Zhang Yining is the world's best female player, and Wang Hao is the world's best male player.Based on Septemeber 2009 Official World Rankings.

What are the rules of table tennis?

You can find the rules for table tennis best by going to the website. Click on "Rules" on the menu bar.