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Erick Aybar, Brandon Wood, Jeff Mathis, Chone Figgins, Maicer Izturis, Kendry Morales, Gary Matthews Jr., Vladimir Guerrero, Juan Rivera, Scott Kazmir, Matt Palmer, Jered Weaver, Darren Oliver, Robb Quinlan, Brian Fuentes, John Lackey, Mike Napoli, Bobby Wilson, Howard Kendrick, Torii Hunter, Joe Saunders, Jason Bulger, Bobby Abreu, Ervin Santana, Sean O'Sullivan, Rich Thompson, Kevin Jepsen, José Arredondo, Trevor Bell, Reggie Willits, Ryan Buddle, Mark Trumbo, Matthew Brown, Anthony Ortega, Fernando Rodriguez, Freddy Sandoval, Rafeal Rodriguez, Robert Mosebach, Terry Evans, Kelvim Escobar, Dustin Moseley, Scot Shields, Mike Scioscia, Ron Roenicke, Alfredo Griffin, Dino Ebel, Mickey Hatcher, Mike Butcher, Orlando Mercado And Steve Soliz

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Q: Who are the baseball players in the Angels?
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