Who are the Yankees best center fielders ever?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Probably Mickey Mantle or Joe DiMaggio, although the Yankees have had several top centerfielders throughout the years.

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Q: Who are the Yankees best center fielders ever?
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What is the best baseball team ever?

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Did Ron Guidry ever play center field for the New York Yankees?

According to Baseball Almanac, Guidry played two games in center field for the Yankees, one in 1979 and one in 1983.

What are the best baseball teams ever?

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Is a bunt ever scored as a fielders choice and counted as a at bat?


Who is the best New York Yankees player ever?

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Are the Yankees the best team ever to play any sport?

no the Florida Gators

Why do people like the New York Yankees?

Because they are the best team ever.

Was the 1927 New York Yankees team the best ever?

It depends on who you ask. Although many observers do believe that the 1927 Yankees were the best baseball team ever. This debate came up again when the Yankees set the 114 regular season win record in 1998.

Best baseball team ever?

Everyone knows that it's the New York Yankees!!!!

Are the Red Sox the best team ever?

No. What are you blind? It's the New York Yankees.

Can an error be charged on a successful fielders choice?

No. No error can ever be given when there is an out made on the play.

What was the best trade the New York Yankees ever made?

The Red Sox trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees Babe Ruth was sold to the Yankees for $125,000 cash. He was never traded.