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Paul Johnson at Georgia Tech, Mark Mangino at Kansas, Mike Leach at Texas Tech

Andy Smith at California

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Q: Who are successful Division 1 football coaches who never played college football?
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How do you get a division 1 football scholarship?

You apply online to a scouting site that will give you help to college coaches

Who are oldest current college football coaches division 1A?

In the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) the two oldest coaches are: Joe Paterno - 82 (Penn State) Bobby Bowden - 79 (Florida State)

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Which are most over paid college football coaches?

The most overpaid college football coaches include Mack Brown ($5,392,500)and Nick Saban ($5,395,852).

What are Division 3 assistant football coaches salaries?

It depends on the college. and what other responsibility's they have at the institution. Most DIII assistant coaches in Minnesota make between $30K and at the high end $50K

What can adding a football team do for a division 3 college?

it can give a college a division 3 football team

Why are police escorts with college football coaches?

The police may escort college football coaches from time to time. They escort them in order to keep them safe from people that do not care for them.

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What division is assumption college football?

Assumption College plays Division II football in the Northeast-10 conference.

Which NCAA school are considered stepping stone jobs for college football coaches?

Schools that have successful football programs that expect you to keep the winning tradition are schools that are stepping stones for coaches like Michigan, Notre Dame, and Alabama to name a few.

College football coaches over paid?

Overpaid football coaches that are overpaid include Nick Saban-$5,395,852, and Mack Brown-$5,392,500.

What college football coaches will coach a game barefoot?

yes, when this weekend?

Is there a Division 3 college football signing day?

There is no signing day in division 3 football.

When do the college football playoffs start?

Wow really college football playoffs? They don't have playoffs in college football. In division 2 and 3 they have it but not in a major college football.

Can College Coaches talk to prep football players during the season?

ya all levels of football do that

What division is albright for college football?

Albright plays Division 3 football in the Middle Atlantic Conference.

What division is Albright College football?

Albright plays Division 3 football in the Middle Atlantic Conference.

Which NFL Head Coaches that didn't play college football?

Norman tuner

Who are the five oldest college football coaches in 2009?

Active is Joe Paterno

Why are college football coaches escorted by state police?

Because they're egomaniacs

Did a college football player ever played against the team his father coaches?


Can you challenge in college football?

Yes, coaches in the college game are allowed one challenge per game.