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It depends on the college. and what other responsibility's they have at the institution. Most DIII assistant coaches in Minnesota make between $30K and at the high end $50K

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Q: What are Division 3 assistant football coaches salaries?
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What are the salaries of assistant NBA coaches?

I heard around 100-150k for college coaches and 575k for NBA coaches.

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What division 1 head football coaches never played football?

charlie weiss

What are the salaries of NHL assistant coaches?

The average salary for an assistant coach in the NHL is $200,000 per year. The average salary for an assistant coach in the NFL is $350,000 to $400,000 per year.

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How much do graduate assistant football coaches get paid?

A graduate assistant football coach has a salary that can vary depending where they live. However, the average is around $47,000 per year.

What are softball players salaries?

they don't have salaries unfortunately. some people are pitching coaches, hitting coaches, or fielding coaches and get payed about $0 an hour to $60 an hour.

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=football coaches salaries vary according to the team they manage. some coaches Make high salaries like Jose Mourinho who was recentlly the Worlds highest paid coach was earning 6million anually and Antoine Hague Liberia newly appointed coach is earning 120,000 thousand yearly making him one of the lowest earners in the world.=

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