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The list is far to long to write down here.

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Q: Who are christian football players?
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What famous football players wore number 35?

christian okoye

Why do football players think their religion interrupts with their football?

If they play on Sunday, it may interfere with their religious practice if they are Christian.

Are soccer players faster than football players?

Football players

Are there any Christian NFL Football players?

there are probably more but I know Cam Newton and Tim Tebow are.

What percent of football players are christian?

The question, as asked cannot be answered because it does not specify where in the world and it does not specify at what level.

Who gets paid more baseball players or football players?


Who makes more baseball or football players?

football players make more money

Who would win in a football game football players or gymnastic people?

football players da

In the US who makes more money football players or soccer players?

In America, football players. In England, soccer players.

What did football players use?

(you need to elaborate on this question: What football players, and use for what?)

Who Get Paid More Basketball Players or Football Players?

Football get paid the most.

What kind of work do football players make?

Football players provide entertainment.

How educated are football players?

the football players aren't educated. god bless them.

What do football players eat after games?

football players eat pizza after games

Who makes more money wrestlers or football players?

Football players simple

Do football players get hurt more than basketball players?

yes football players get more hurt than basketball players

How do i compare and contrast football players and baseball players?

Football players run more then baseball players.When football players score they get 6/7points.Baseball players get only 1/2/3/4points.

No of players in team of football?

11 players.

Football players on team?

11 players

How do football players train for football?

Get in shape.

Where do football players play?

on a football feld

What are football players expected to do?

play football!

How often are football players paid?

football players are paid weekly or at the end of a season

How many football players are on the field at a time?

there are 22 players if your talking about American football

Do all football players shave their legs?

Not all football players shave their legs.