What kind of work do football players make?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Football players provide entertainment.

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Q: What kind of work do football players make?
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Why do football players stink?

we sweat and work hard that's why

Where do football players work?

At their club's training pitch and stadia

How does ballet help football players?

Ballet helps football players by getting better at their movement and foot techneque.

Can football players from Tanzania play in England?

Football players from Tanzania can play in the premier league provided they have a work permit. At the same time, according to the FIFA ranking, a low ranking will prevent such players from playing in England.

How do players make it to the NFL?

By entering the draft and a team choosing them. Usually all football players go to college and play football there. You declare eligibility for the NFL draft and train, visit teams, and train some more. It's really hard work, but when you are drafted you feel very accomplished.

Why do football players make so much?

Because they are in a very dangerous and specialized area of work. Mostly because fans will pay high prices to see them play.

What do football players use to work out?

they use running and training grounds ♥ hope it helped

Do football players get bonus for winning grey cup?

Yes, players get $16,000 if they win the Grey Cup. And losers get $8,000. Not bad for one days work.

Is there any way of by-passing getting work permits for players in football manager 2007?

simple. Get an affliate in belgium.

What other work has Tae Heckard done?

She Plays on The Game A bet sitcome about football players and their significent others.

What do dancers and football players have in common?

I think one thing that they have in common are,that both of them are dedication and all the hard work they put into what they do.Some dancers dance for 12 hours a week,like me.Some football players do the same thin every week.

Do football players ever get to see their family?

Of cource they do they see them all the time in off season ========================================= Football players get plenty of time to see their families. They work barely six months in a year. There is plenty of time during the playing season for families.