Who are brawn f1?

Updated: 11/22/2022
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Brawn F1 is a team in the 2009 F1 racing season. The team is owned by Ross Brawn, the ex technical director of the Honda F1 Team. When the Honda team declared that it is not going to compete in 2009, Ross Brawn offered to take over the team and that is how the Brawn Racing team was formed.

Currently Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello are the two drivers of the team in the 2009 season.

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Q: Who are brawn f1?
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Who won f1?

2009 - Brawn and Jenson Button

Where are the 2009 brawn f1 cars now?

they all are detroyed

What is jenson button's brawn car called?

Jenson Button's Brawn GP car is called the Brawn BGP 001. It has a chassis made by the Brawn GP F1 team and a engine supplied by Mercedes - Benz.

Jenson button team 2006-2008?

Jenson Button, the 2009 F1 World Champion drove for the Honda Racing F1 team, where he won his first win (Hungary GP 2006) and the constructor's first win in 39 years!The team quit after the 2008 season and they were bought out by the team principal, Ross Brawn on February 18th, 2009 and they became 'Brawn Grand Prix' and in the same season Brawn and Jenson became F1 World Champions!

Who won f1 chaponship in 2009?

Jenson Button (England) won the 2009 F1 World Championship with the Brawn GP team scoring 95 points.It is a remarkable achievement because he was left unemployed earlier in the year when his former team, Honda Racing F1 pulled out of the championship due to the global economic crisis but luckily the former Honda Racing F1 team principal, Ross Brawn bought out the team and he renamed it 'Brawn GP', Jenson was given one of the seats (the other seat went to Rubens Barrichello) and both drivers dominated throughout the season and they finished one-two in the championship.

Who built the brawn GP?

Orginally Honda, Ross Brawn (former technical director at Benetton & Ferrari) jojned them as technical director in 2007 - but Honda pulled out and the team was left on brink of collapse until he personally bought the team early this and turned it into 'Brawn GP'. Brawn now use the highly successful Mercedes-Benz engines (like many oher F1 teams this season).

Who does the pole go in spanish f1?

Jenson button of Brawn GP team is on Pole. Red Bulls Sebastian Vettel is in 2nd place on the Grid

Did the brawn gp car have a Honda gearbox fitted?

No, according to an interview prior to the 2009 F1 season, Brawn said ... "It is our own gearbox. We converted the gearbox to mount on the Mercedes-Benz engine because all the rear suspension, we wanted to carry that over." Click on the "Ross Brawn Interview" link below to read a transcript of the interview.

What does eponym?

One who is referred to as eponymous is someone that gives their name to something. i.e. the name of a car manufacturer or sports team, Ford, Ferrari or Brawn (F1)