Who are Lenin and Trotsky?

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Q: Who are Lenin and Trotsky?
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Was Leon Trotsky Lenin's rival for power?

Yes. Trotsky was a Menshevik and Lenin was a Bolshevik. Trotsky also wanted a freer communism while Lenin wanted more power to a small group of leadership. Trotsky had been a Menshevik, but he joined Lenin and the Bolsheviks before the 1917 revolution. Trotsky did not vie for power against Lenin. He was Lenin's second hand man. After Lenin died in 1924, Trotsky became Joseph Stalin's rival for power.

How were Lenin and Trotsky linked?

Lenin was leader of Bolsheviks and Trotsky was second in command until Lenin died in 1924. Lenin had appointed Trotsky People's Commissar for External Affairs after the October Revolution. Then, when the Russian Civil War broke out, Lenin appointed him Commissar of War. Lenin had picked Trotsky over Stalin to succed him but Trotsky lost out to Stalin and others for the right to succeed Lenin. Stalin managed to expel Trotsky from the Communist Party and then from the country. In 1940, Stalin had a Russian agent murder Trotsky.

What was the relationship between Trotsky and Lenin?

Trotsky was a Marxist revolutionary who got along well with Lenin. In fact following Lenin's death, Trotsky got into quite a few arguments with Joseph Stalin.

Who ruled first Lenin or trotsky?

Lenin ruled from November 1917-1924. Trotsky never ruled on his own.

What was the relationship between Lenin Stalin and Trotsky?

Lenin liked both Stalin and Trotsky, but like Trotsky more and wanted him to take power. Trotsky and Stalin had very different ideas and were enemies.

Who was Lenin's Minister of Defence?

Commisar trotsky

Who stormed the winter palace?

Lenin or Trotsky

What did lenin and leon trotsky promise the Russians?

Lenin and Leon Trotsky promised the Russians peace, land and wealth to be shared out equally among the peasants.

How were Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin linked?

They were both revolutionaries, Trotsky was like Lenins sidekick

Who did Stalin compete with after lenin's death?

Leon Trotsky

Who was Lenin's right hand man?

Leon Trotsky.

Who was Stalin's main opponent as Lenin's successor?


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