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list 5 famous Basketball players and state which team they play for

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Q: Who are 5 famous basketball players and what teams did they play for?
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What do NBA players do?

play basketball hard, help their teams win

How did the famous basketball players learn how to play basketball?

theres nothing better than experience in basketball.

What do the NBA players do?

NBA players play for one of the 30 NBA teams. They participate in basketball games and get paid for playing in them.

How many players are on basketball teams?

Minimum of basketball team players is 10, and maximum 15. But only 12 players can play in a game, 5 of them will be starters and 7 reserves (substitutions).

How many teams play in basketball?

It depends. On an nba team they have 15 players. Usually on highschool and college teams theres about 12.

What do the players of basketball do?

play basketball

How does the Basketball Play Software work?

Basketball Play software allows coaches and players to draw up plays and use them in games and practices. This software is common in pro and college basketball, but is not necessary for casual teams.

Why is Staples Center famous?

Staples Center is famous because it is the main stadium which all the basketball, hockey, and football teams play in.

How many NFL players play Basketball?

How many can play basketball?

What percentage of female basketball players make NBA teams?

none. -_- this is correct but not because women aren't good basketball players. It's because the NBA is for men only. Women play in the WNBA: Women's National Basketball Association

What basketball teams did he play on?

On the redskins..

What are the mechanics of a basketball?

In a Basketball game, two teams of five players play a two-quarter game in which each team attempts to score baskets by placing a ball through a hoop. In the U.S., the National Basketball League, or NBA, is the professional league for basketball players.

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