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all NCAA colleges in football,Basketball,all the sports there are all of the teams but, it depends on what year u got of that sport then it will be the same teams but different players

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Q: What are the names of the schools that play in the NCAA?
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How many schools are in the NCAA?

The NCAA has about 1,200 member schools.

How many NCAA football schools are there?

There are about 119 ncaa division 1 football schools.

Can you make trades in NCAA football?

Definitely not. The NCAA is not a business- it is a school. Schools use their scholarships that they get to lure high school players to play for their team.

What ncaa division 1 schools are also names of a color?

Auburn, Brown, Navy, Bowling Green and Siena.

How many catholic schools play NCAA Division you football?

2 Boston College and Notre Dame

Do you have a list of all division 1 schools that play football?

Click on the 'Division 1-A Football Colleges' link on this page to see all schools that play NCAA Division 1-A football. Click on the 'Division 1-AA Football Colleges' link on this page to see all schools that play NCAA Division 1-AA football.

How many schools participate at NCAA Men's basketball division 2?

1,000 schools participate at the NCAA division 2

Where are the schools located that are in the NCAA tournament?

The schools that participate in the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship vary across the United States.

How many NCAA schools are not universities?


What are the names of the schools that are in the NCAA Final Four?

The 2010 final four has Butler vs. Michigan state and Duke vs. West Virginia.

What are the ncaa division 1-A basketball schools?


What are the smallest division 1 NCAA schools?


How many NCAA Division 1-A schools are there?


What are the division 1 NCAA schools?

Click the link.

How many NCAA Schools have Eagles as their Mascot?


NCAA division 1 Ohio schools?

there are 17 division 1 schools in Ohio

Why doesnt NCAA 12 have names of players and just position and number?

NCAA 12 don't hav players names because college players can't (legally) be payed for a name in a game..... If you play the "Dynasty" mode you will see names , but there made up...... Hope this answered your question.

How many colleges play NCAA Division 1 mens basketball?

348 schools spread throughout 32 conferences with 7 independents

Can you have all D's in college and still play sports?

The NCAA and almost all schools require that your cumulative GPA be at least a 2.00 (C average) to play any sport.

What are the top NCAA division 1 AA academic schools?

One of the best NCAA Division 1 AA schools would be UCLA, though it is very expensive.

How do you get names for NCAA football 08?

Names can be generated at random through the options menu of NCAA Football 08. You can also download it roster names from an Xbox friend.

How many NCAA Division 1-A basketball schools are there?


What State has the most NCAA Division 1 schools?


How many NCAA division 1 schools are in Ohio?


How many ncaa division 1-a baseball schools are there?

86 of them