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Roger has never won a Grand Slam.

A Grand Slam consists of winning all 4 Major events - Wimbledon, the French Open, the Australian Open and US Open - in the one calendar year.

Only two males have ever achieved it: Rod Laver [twice] and Donald Budge.

If one wants to speak of one of the events, the reference would be a "slam" or "Grand slam event"

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Q: Which year did Roger Federer win his seventh grand slam?
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Which grand slam has Roger Federer not won?

Roger Federer has won all Grand Slams at least once.

How many grand slam men's singles titles did Roger Federer win?

Roger Federer has won 13 single men grand slam titles.

How many majors does Roger Federer have?

Roger Federer has won 17 Grand Slam titles as of 2016. He hasn't won a Grand Slam title since 2012 (Wimbledon)

How old was rogere federer when he won his first grand slam?

In 2003 Roger Federer won his first Grand Slam at Wimbledon at the age of 22.

Who has ten grand slam tennis wins?

Roger Federer won more than 10 grand slam titles

Which is the only Grand Slam that Roger Federer has not won?

French Open

How many grand slam finals has Roger Federer lost?


When did Roger Federer win his first grand slam?

Hi won his first grand slam in the 2003 Wimbledon championships =D.

Who has played rafeal nadal in a grand slam final?

Federer, was that a trick question or something? :S Roger Federer.

How many grand slam has Roger Federer won in his career?

currently 16

Who holds the most mens grand slam titles in tennis?

Roger Federer. He has 15.

Whom did Roger Federer beat in his way to first grand slam?

Mark Philippoussis

To whom did Marcos Baghdatis lose in his first Grand Slam Final?

Roger Federer

How many grand slam titles has Roger Federer won in total?

He has won 15 grand slams in total.

By winning which grand slam did Roger Federer break Pete Sampras's record of 14 grand slams?


How many grand slams are won by Roget federal?

Roger Federer has 17 career grand slam titles.

How many Grand Slam titles do Federer and Nadal have?

According to Wikipedia (refer to the links, below), as of May 29, 2009, Rafael Nadal has won six Grand Slam titles, and Roger Federer has won thirteen.

Who has the most grand slams Roger Federer or Rafael nadal?

Roger Federed has 17 grand slam titles while Rafael Nadal has only 9.

How many grand slams did Ruger Federer win?

Roger Federer currently holds 16 Grand Slam titles, the most collected by a men's singles player to date.

Has Andy Murray ever beat Roger Federer?

Yes he beat roger federr 4 time.But he never beaten roger in grand slam.

Who holds the record for grand slam titles currently?

Roger Federer currently holds the grand slam record. He has won 16 grand slam titles and is still very much active on the ATP World Tour

Who had eclipsed Bjorn Borg's 11 Grand Slam titles before age 26?

Roger Federer.

Which male won most number of grand slam single titles of all time?

Roger Federer

Who is the best male tennis player in history?

Roger Federer (SUI) 17 Grand Slam Titles

What tennis player has the most individual grand slam titles?

Margaret Court has 24 individual Grand Slam titles. Roger Federer has the most individual Grand Slam Titles of any male tennis player at 16.