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Q: Which year did Liverpool accomplish an unprecedented cup treble?
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What year did Liverpool win the The League European cup and the League Cup Treble?

Liverpool FC won the football league, European cup and the League Cup in 1984. They have also won the League Cup, FA Cup and Uefa Cup in the same year 2001. In 1977 Liverpool FC came close to winning the European Cup, football league and FA cup but they lost in the FA cup final to Manchester United. Ironically Manchester United won the equivalent of that treble in 1999 when they became European Cup, Premier League and FA cup winners. Manchester United also won a treble of trophies in 2008 when they became the first club to become champions of England, champions of Europe and world club champions in the same year.

What year did Liverpool play?

I think you need to be more specific. What year did Liverpool play what/who?

Is Liverpool cool?

At this time of year the weather in Liverpool is quite cold.

Year of Long haired lover from Liverpool?

Long Haired Lover From Liverpool (:

Where are Liverpool in the premir lauge?

Last year Liverpool finished 7th in the e.P.L.

Are Liverpool doing good in the champions league?

No this year Liverpool are knocked out early.

What year was Liverpool formed?

Liverpool fc was formed on the 15th of march 1892

In which year did Manchester United win the treble?

Manchester United won the treble during the 1998/1999 season. They actually completed the treble in 1999 on 26 May when they won the UEFA European Cup.

What year did treble and gav-bob arrive on Saturn?

in 1987 both

What year are Liverpool going to win the Premiership?

the year never

What number is Torres for Liverpool?

Torres is number 9 for Liverpool i know because im an 11 year old Liverpool fan

Which football league won in 1999?

Man United (They won the Treble that year)

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