What number is Torres for Liverpool?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Torres is number 9 for Liverpool i know because im an 11 year old Liverpool fan

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Q: What number is Torres for Liverpool?
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Who is 9 for Liverpool?

Liverpool's current number 9 is Andy Carroll and before him was Fernando Torres

When did Fernando Torres' join Liverpool?

Fernando Torres joined Liverpool in 2007.

List of players to wear number 9 Liverpool jersey?

torres/ carrol

Will Torres return to Liverpool?

There have been no inquiries about the striker, however, I do not believe at all that Torres would return to Liverpool. Torres does not fit Liverpool manager Brendan Rogers's style of play.

Where does Fernando Torres Liv?

As Fernando Torres is playing in England for the Liverpool football club, he lives in Liverpool.

How many seasons was Torres in Liverpool?

Fernando Torres Has Scored 65 And Has Been In Liverpool For Four Seasons

Has Torres moved from Liverpool?


Will Torres go back to Liverpool?

I agree that Torres will probaly go back to Liverpool because he is rubbish at Chelsea

Did Torres play in the emirates?

Torres did play at the Emirates for Liverpool.

Is Fernando Torres staying with Liverpool?

yes he his staying at Liverpool

Is Fernando Torres a true Liverpool?

no, because he left liverpool for chealsea

Is Torres leaving Liverpool?

yes, he is